Kit bashing a Shaltari space station

I looked at my huge pile of bits left over after building my Shlatari Dropfleet, and thought: “Now, what?”

The boyz have been eager to go full ahead with our Dropfleet Commander venture, and when we were browsing around there was a suggestion that we should buy a space station set as you need it in 5/8 missions. I question this, as we have so much to try out with new ships and new rules already in the 3 missions that don’t require a space station – and then, it also turned out to be that a station is only needed in larger games in many, if not all of these others. There’s no hurry, I’d rather have an inspiring addition to look forward to later on.

Now as I have built my cruisers, I have a monstrous pile of left-over bits. Like Minsc I decided to give it (it being, in this case, my bits bag) a good shake and see what falls out! So far no corvette has, but – behold – a space station did.

I like the top-down symmetry of it.

I decided to work out my gimp skills and also made a turnaround gif. It turns out its super easy (no pun intended).



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