Got a scheme and a course for my Shaltari Dropfleet

I have finally found a colour scheme for my Shaltari Dropfleet, after dabbling around with several different colours.

I dabbled with an orange scheme, trying to change up the traditional Shaltari scheme by the use of white. In the end I couldn’t agree with the orange paint – the Vallejo Fluorescent Orange. It is quite thick, yet transparent, which makes quick work with detailed minis very difficult. And in the end I would have wanted paint them like clownfish, but the abundance of details of minis made this hard for me. (I might have focussed on them too hard.)

When needing fresh ideas I’ve found it is good to turn to Mμ for that fresh out of the box thinking. She suggested dark grey and purple. (Well, also camo-coloured, which would have been interesting but too hard to put into practise. I do like the Space Oddity of that, though – camo in space.)

But that dark and purple stuck with me after I looked at some deep sea pictures. Its typically dark and lots of blue hues for this deep sea feel. The Shaltari strike me as organic in a corallic kind of way, so it seemed to fit. A dark scheme gives them also a more menacing feel…

This is what my second ship looks like – a Shaltari Jet. With the rest of a starter fleet coming along nicely.

I also got 250 2×1 mm magnets for magnetizing weapons on my fleet. The only ship that got this treatment, this far, was the Adamant. Not familiar at all with the rules I won’t be able to make a good choice for weapon anyway.

This is a ship I really like the feel and symmetry of. Hawk has really managed to get a lot of variation by changing a few parts back and forth. The only complaint I have is the sheer amount of left over bits. But, that said, a casting mould for plastic is a big investment for a small company – probably much more so than a person without insight into the industry could consider.

I’m looking forward to getting to this one! But first the starter fleet…


5 responses to “Got a scheme and a course for my Shaltari Dropfleet

  1. That is even better mate, much more appropriate too… The aquatic but alien vibe is spot on, making it look both predatory and dangerous! I think you should consult your artistic director more often! 😉

  2. Yay, I love this! Great transition from blue to purple, and nice subtle glowing effect on the green. I agree with Alex on the aquatic and alien feeling, and I’m also picking up a nice organic/mechanical ambiguity.
    It would be an interesting scheme for dark eldars, indeed, but it also manages to tickle my tyranid hitch.

    • Thanks! ^_^
      I am glad that is coming through as its exactly what I was going for!

      Hmm. Yeah, something like a Behemoth scheme… I see where you come from! 😀

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