Runebound tighter – More Runebound Impressions and Painted Pieces

Mμ comes to town and we travel to Terrinoth, giving me new impressions of Runebound from a two player perspective.

I’ve been playing Runebound as a solo game for a while, and enjoying it. “Wanna try Runebound?” popped up when she was here. (It felt right the right moment to take a step down that road.) “Sure.”

So, we set things up and Margrath was the big boss. That big red dragon still felt like the right opponent, partly because I knew how that scenario worked out and it was becoming late the  first time we tried it out. Later, Mμ, wanted to dig into it again after she’d learned the rules better.

I had read about people saying that Runebound easily becomes long when players are added. Two, at least, was fine and I wouldn’t mind trying 3 players. But one game kept going on for ages. Neither of us could slay the dragon,and win, and the dragon was sluggish or incompetent and couldn’t destroy the cities.

But it was fun, and worked out a bit better when there is competition for the store items. I’ll still be playing this solo a lot though.

Now I have tried all characters at least once against Margrath, so I’ll going to try defeating a certain undead king now. And I also feel it is the right time to start looking at expansions. They are not too expensive at 18 euros a piece, potentially even cheaper, which is nice. But I would have been hoping for a combi pack with both stuff, quests and characters. It seems you either get a quest or common stuff, plus a character. We’ll have to see whether The Gilded Blade (with common stuff and an interesting character) or Caught in a Web, with a quest and an uninteresting character arrives shortly. Or maybe both!

Looking for something different to paint I also decided to put some paint on Master Thorn and Laurel of Bloodwood, two of the games’ minis. The quality of these is nice, so it was a fun little change to get them done. 🙂





4 responses to “Runebound tighter – More Runebound Impressions and Painted Pieces

    • I believe that in the original scenarios a necromancer is releasing a dragon, Margrath, the one we have been fighting against, from its binding into runes scattered through the realm.

  1. Thanks again for this post. As a result, I bought the game and Marouda and I have had 2 games of it so far. The first was just figuring out the rules (and where we’d gone wrong, constantly) but the second game was much better, and it came down to the wire, twice before we (I) killed the dragon with 1hp left…

    • Nice to hear I have helped! The game is working better with a few player rather than one (now I have found a few rules you could add to make the game more like the intended challenge).

      How do you like it so far?

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