Space Cruise Time – A Dropfleet Princess Class Liner Showcase

The boys threw the Princess Class Liner at me during our little unboxing of our Dropfleet Kickstarter. I say thankee, and paint it up as I ponder the fate of my Shaltari fleet.

I think this Princess Class Liner, or the Civilian Cruiser, is a very nice start off to get a feel for the minis. Unfortunately I would like more of these now! 😀 I could totally see a corporate faction in this game where a famous commander character would be “Don Ace”, a bald guy with petting nefariously a long haired guinea pig.


There was surprisingly little mold lines on this one, but I noticed milling stripes along the hull. This was something I hadn’t noticed before, but Mr. Easter said he had seen these before on some of his Dropzone Commander UCM. They aren’t visible in the end, and had I started with another layer of brush on primer they would certainly have been gone from the start.

The colours used were
Vallejos White Surface Primer,

For the White Hull, I started with an overbrushed layer of Vallejo White Grey and highlighted with (a bit backwards) Vallejo Foundation White. Thinning it properly it worked fine.

Shadowed areas were shaded with some old Citadel Fortress Grey, and Stormvermin Fur if a darker tone was needed.

For metals I used Vallejo Metals’ Steel, followed by Citadels Ironbreak as a highlight.

The to get a more dusty look I dirtied the bottom and engines down with Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade shades by Citadel.

The Orange was an interesting first time as I applied Vallejo Fluorescent Orange after a Layer of Vallejo Light Orange.

The blue windows were blends of Vallejo’s Prussian Blue and Medium Blue, with increasing amount of the whites above.

My first vision was to go for Guardians of the Galaxy’s Starlord’s ship, but as my window panels turned blue that was out of the question. In the end I got a good chance to try out how the Fluorescent Orange works with white – one of the schemes I consider doing on my Shaltari.

The winning question is – What do we think about the result?


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