Stormcast Eternals Update – Painting Progress

I’ve putting paint on my Stormcast Eternals ending up with two different paint schemes. Now as a few minis have their base colours its starting to look good!


I was first pepped with my “unicorn” colour scheme for my Stormcasts, then doubt hit me briefly and led me to an awesome red colour scheme for anything other than footslogging (Prosecutors/Dracothian Guard). Now, I am back to liking the pale turquoise/magenta/yellow colour scheme as I have the base colours on all the Liberators. It will still be interesting to see how it fits the Retributors with a rather different looking armour. Also, finishing the basing on them will change the appearance quite a lot as the bases on these still are as white as them.


I got the red to pop nicely by adding a small amount of green (complementary colour) to the red base coat colour and shading neatly rather than washing the armour all over. There’s still a lot of work to do on these too, but that fiery colour is awesome. The wings I plan to go darker towards the tips, maybe even as far as black, as I can see how this dive from the skies towards the foe as the twin-tailed comet they fight under.


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