Hedgehog Delirium – Dropfleet Commander Dawning?

Mr. Easter, Chaos Beakie and the Post-Puppy Republican supported Hawk’s Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter and the box dropped in yesterday. What’s in it for me?

We realised we must have been of a final few supporters as we earlier this week got our shipping notice, and yesterday Chaos Beakie got a box home full of stuff. Full as a Christmas Turkey, if your into that kind of seasonal food.

As we did with the Burning of Prospero box we decided to do something of a unboxing hootenanny (this time with both some hoot and the nanny being Semla and Chaosbeakie in turn – it’s crazy when two adult people need such support, but that’s how it is, and you should know cause you are surfing the internet).

So our pledge, and I say our because of being fooled into Shaltari earlier I was now mentally prepared of being fooled into them once again (as in olden days, happy golden days), was soon spillt out over the floor on the Squiggleberts first gaming mat. There was Shaltaris and Scourges, as well as Squigglies and Sort-of-humans.


Seeing that amount of sprues over the floor grouped into different levels of Commanders, I was rather overwhelmed. Mr. Easter, who kept himself well-informed of the contents and progress of these affairs, would probably not, but I was, and from the looks of it, I think the others opening the box and dividing the sprues weren’t all that confident either.

All of us have been patiently waiting, and rather understanding of the scale of affairs that small company has gotten themselves into, and how different it must be for them compared to business as usual. Having seen all that, I feel even more so. And I must say I am very disappointed in those who shout so selfishly of how long things are taking, and how they should get their stuff soon.

It’s been like standing in queue at the supermarket surrounded by five year old kids in trolleys screaming out their frustration that they don’t get candy that day.

But of such level is the understanding of these people writing the comments.

I recently read some results saying you get dumber when you listen to people complain. So, sorry for this. I haven’t seen the opposite written, but venting should be good for your cardiovascular system, so that must be the evolutionary key behind it.


I am now home with my sprues, I have once spread them out over the hobby area to get a feel of this. Mötörhead is screaming in the headpieces. Somehow I am in some crossroads, and I am unusually uncertain of what to do. And, bare with me, I will write some of this down – maybe it can help someone else weighing some hobby stuff, will I, should I. (Or you can skip to the next image.) Maybe I’ll find some interesting reading here when I look back sometime.

But its an embarrassingly obvious first world problem.

If I start doing something differently, easier, just to fit in something else too – I am not doing things how I want to just so I can do “more”. But then you assume that “more” has a self purpose. More minis, more games, more stuff.

I say your just fooling yourself. I fool myself too sometimes. Figuring out borders. There’s so much junk in this world, and everything is based on you getting more. That’s how the ball rolls, the economy grows. This is the millennial identity that I have, and I don’t mind that fact.

I don’t want everything, what then can I look forward to. There must be contrast. I don’t want my cupboard filled with junk. That won’t make me happier.

Every game I add, every army I start, I dilute the others with. I have less time for each. I lose height, I can’t get deep enough (in the rules, in the story of my particular army). For me there is a story in this depth, there is joy. I can’t understand fully how some find joy in adding all the time more and more and more, and paint them up quick and dirty… That won’t make me happier – that is just me falling for the societal pressure to buy.

Here we actually come back to why I started this blog – to actually do stuff deeper, with more afterthought.

And it doesn’t help that if having a choice I would pick hunting a magical beast with spear and bow rather than command a space ship.


Here is where I am now, and I don’t know if I will go beyond this. I built a mothership (that felt right) from the sprues to have something to anchor myself too. The boys gave me the civilian cruiser to paint, and I say thankee, I look forward to that self contained project.

I’ll try to catch a game, see what it’s about. Let’s go from here…


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