Group Hang in the Grimdark

The Tall Guy comes to town for a gun fight with chain swords and power fists, which translates to Multiplayer Madness!

The Tall Guy got what I think people in the real world call “a job” – some sort of advanced funding. Unfortunately, this was in the capital, translating to about 560 μs away with the speed of light. The ultimate question is then how viable gaming is with such delays.

Being the experimentalists we are, we all followed the Tall Guys cue to test the new constellation.

It all ended up as a 2 vs 2 bash, with Tyranids/Genestealer Cults and Chaos’ Steel Brethren (with the new Traitor Legions’ Iron Warrior rules) facing off against the Imperium as Raptors and Dark Angels.

This was mostly a simple ad hoc set up with six mysterious objectives, and linebreaker as a secondary.


↑ The Dark Angels scoot in in the middle, with Raptor forces taking both flanks. Two Raptor dreads are also anchoring the central board.


↑ The fight of the game was Librarian Wyndam dropping down in a pod with his tactical squad. After taking a few pot shots while re-positioning themselves from the far and wide scattering drop zone they are soon surrounded by a tide of gaunts. The tacticals soon fall, but Wyndam will not surrender so easily. In the end, he does fall to weight of attacks, but that is only after taking a good number of gaunts down himself.


↑ A surprise visit from Father Christmas. Being awakened by the presence of the Hive Mind he is on the way to deliver genetic “presents” to all kids. Watch out – he is hiding in the chimney!

This is a modelling project Mr. Easter did for a X-mas mini-campaign we played a few years back. (You can read about some of those games here on the blog under posts tagged “Seasonal”)


↑ A Land Speeder Typhoon is stalking the Tyranid incursion from behind… Rare Exports.


↑ The Chaos Dread proved a tough nut to crack, even for three multi-meltas. Rolling both to hit and a penetrating roll is a lot harder than most people think.


↑ In the end it was a very narrow victory for the Imperium. A turn longer and the able might have turned completely. Two and it definitely would have.

Now, the key to science is repeatability…


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