Colour Sketching Sigmarites 2 – Stormcast Eternals WiP

I get closer to a finished colour test figure for my Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals, but as I do, I feel more tempted by another scheme.


This is what my painting table looks like at the moment. The Rohan Royal Guards feeling left out (again), and waiting for my Tale of Two Backlogged Nerds story to reach the next chapter. Mr. Easter is ignoring his Orcses for some UCM power instead, so were really digging at the core of each of our backlogs.

I have at put some Hawk Turquoise on the Stormcast infantry in the first wave of inspiration. But it’s really about getting the units I have done in a uniform colour scheme.

Now when I am looking at this, though, I am liking that turquoise…


The Retributor is awesome. Don’t worry, this is a few thin layers of shade coat (or something) just to get that turquoise shadow underneath.20161208_085109

As you can see, the colours are evening out as I highlight it to white.


This is the first test mini, getting close to being finished. The bleached out magenta is still a bit strong, but this white armour is not based on a turquoise layer, so a bigger contrast there might even things out. In the end I think its working out nicely. I like the yellow “old school gold”. I might add another layer of whiter/paler to highlight it more. Same with the magenta – a paler colour might just do the trick.

Let’s keep at it…


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