Colour Sketching Sigmarites – Painting WiP

That Lord-Celestant on Dracoth has been looking tempting. I picked up the Age of Sigmar starter to split and am now trying to figure out a colour scheme.

Ever since I’ve read the Realgate Wars books I’ve been fanboying Calanax, that is the Lord-Celestant Dracoth with a Sigmarite rider (ish). In terms of hobby this means looking at painting a project related to this. Not enjoying the consumerism crazed spurred by make-up holidays like Black Friday, I nonetheless found the Age of Sigmar starter me and Chaos Beakie and Lil’Brother-Captain Beakie, have been planning to split at a mad bargain

Now actually holding the box in hand, and expecting a Black Reach or Blood Island-esque box I see an interesting book, and yes that IS a book not a booklet, with the first stages prior to the Realmgate wars. There’s a lot of artwork and a few mission to get you started, with Realmgate war-type prologue stories. The minis aren’t either the snap-fit models you usually see, but rather something slightly closer to what we usually see in actual mini-boxes (lack weapons options of course). I am positively surprised on many levels, and though I first was thinking of splitting the Stormcasts with Chaos Beakie, spurred by them being a Warscroll Battalion I’ll keep them myself.

The next step is of course to figure out a paint scheme. People usually stick to the metallic armour with a colour for the shoulder pads and shields to set them apart. Fair enough, this takes them a step further from being the Sigmarines (Sigmar Space Marines) people who won’t read a word about them tend to mark them as, Mr. Easter pointed out.

I hope to take them away from this, and had an image of them in a light turquoise colour scheme, going toward the 7th ed Warhammer High Elf Armybook cover. I also didn’t find any magenta/pink when googling around. Turquoise, magenta and yellow (gold) do make a nice triad – I am thinking of sort of sky colours heavily influenced by some anime sky colours. This cartoony Final Fantasy type high fantasy feeling is what I get from the game right now.

This is what the sketch is looking like now (please note, it’s not by any means finished), as I painted up some quick layers to see what a sigmarite in turquoise and magenta looks like. I had originally though the turquoise would be still highlighted with Runefang Steel, or painted, really, as this metallic colour is so transparent. Now I don’t know If I should just go with a white highlight. The magenta I will blend towards white for highlights.

Now, I need to sit and consider this a bit before I go forward. It does look nice, and certainly would pop on my dark gaming board. But does it feel right for the Dracoth as well? Maybe any Order Extremis would have a different colour scheme?

Any opinions out there?


5 responses to “Colour Sketching Sigmarites – Painting WiP

    • Yo kitteh! I think so too, but I don’t get any good visions on how they would look on a dracoth. I think I’ll be doing the Order Extremis in (?metallic?) red. Also, the birdlycasts with wingly bits might get a scheme of their own.

      Me, on fire?! You should have seen the candle I was messing with!

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