Autumn Silence – A Warhammer 40k Sisters of Silence showcase

Fast as sharks Mr. Fish-pup, Chaos Beakie and I divide and conquer a Burning of Prospero box. I take the Sisters of Silence, and working on the impetus gained paint them up.

One of the iconic guardian groups of Terra are the Sisters of Silence. There is not much written about them, although they now feature in the Beast Arises series (one of the reasons to read that series). Needless to say, it was fun to see the Sisters of Silence get minis as well with the Burning of Prospero set. That’s not only because Warhammer 40k lack a bit in the female visibility department, something that probably wouldn’t hurt sales if put in to words that a company understands. These look really bad ass, and work within that baroque merciless universe. Their gender is also clear on the tabletop, something that is hard to do without going over the top, as many mini makers seem to be a bit eager to do in my opinion. I don’t want pin up girls, I want merciless killer agents of the Imperium.

Here’s what become of them in my hands. I consider them ready, but I might add war tattoos now when I have looked at them through the lens of my camera.

(PS: Taking good pictures this time of the year is hell, even in “the light of the day” – that’s un-light of the day here.)

And, finally there’s a few good pictures:


4 responses to “Autumn Silence – A Warhammer 40k Sisters of Silence showcase

    • Thanks! I borrowed the colour use from the fanart available. A few had red gloves and boots. I had actually hoped to get some white in there, on the “sleeves” e.g., but there was really nowhere to do that.

      Looking forward to seeing yours! 🙂

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