The New Foes of ‘Urghnould Blakkangur – Orks vs Adeptus Mechanicus / Skitarii BatRep

A new face in the squig halls challenges Warboss ‘Urghnould to battle. The metal men of the combined forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus and Skitarii will be stomped into the dirt by the might of the Orks!

Our gaming group has been rather rigid in terms of active players. A few people has popped in a few times or even occasionally, and some have participated in gaming events. Now a new face, a Mek Boy as far as the Gaze of Mork can see, has been roaming around for a while. Now, in the autumn darkness I got a look at his the AdMech really can do!

From what we had talked before the game I knew that he had learned that the only Fish’Ead to be enjoyed are in a fish tank, saying something about the goodness of heart of an individual. Also, combining clues of heavy flamer issues, I figured we weren’t talking about some cutthroat murder by chainsword and stubber – right down the wynd I live in, as it leaves some room for creativity.

The 1500 point army that I ended up with was (based on my current go-to):

‘Urghnould (Mega armour, Lucky Stikk)
Painboy, grot orderly
6 Nobz, ‘eavy armour, 1 Klaw, 2 Big Choppas, Boss Pole
Battle Wagon (ram, 2 rokkit launchas)

10 Grotz, 1 Runtherder
12 Trukk boyz, Nob (klaw & boss pole), Trukk (ram, rokkit)
12 Trukk boyz, Nob (klaw & boss pole), Trukk (ram, rokkit)
25 Shoot boyz, Nob (klaw & boss pole)

10 Lootas (1 Mek)
3 Lobbas (6 extra crew, 3 ammo runts)

5 Bikers, Nob (klaw & bosspole)

(A note to self: You forgot the Mek that is supposed to watch over the Mek Guns!)

What I ended up facing was:

Dominus Caffeinum (2+/4++/5+ FnP), power axe
3 Kataphrons (3 Plasma Cannons)
3 Kataphrons (3 Grav Cannons)
3 Kataphrons (3 Grav Cannons)
2 Kastelan Robots

5 Rangers (2 Snipers)
10 Vanguard (a few plasma)
1+1 Onager Dunecrawlers (1 AA and 1 AT)

We rolled up a random mission, being 1 Maelstrom of War: Three Maelstrom cards drawn at the start of each turn.


↑ Orks get to deploy first.  The vehicles are deployed in the middle, taking cover from the building, ready to assault the right flank with the bikers. The mass of boyz are deployed on the left flank.
Here two objectives can be seen in the open(-left) area. One is in the ruin. just visible in the left hand side of the image. Another one is hidden behind the building central in the photograph and behind the green hill, respectively.


↑ The Mechanicus forces deploy conservatively in an attempt to shoot the incoming ork horde to bits.


↑ The AdMech forces Seize the Initiative. They carefully move up and take pot shots at the Orks. A devastating salvo hits the battlewagon with ‘Urghnoulds retinue and Immobilizes it, but leaves it intact clogging up the lane for the trukk behind. *Honk honk!*

No Maelstrom points earned: 0-0.


↑ The Orks move up, carrying up a wall of dust over the green tide. The Stormboyz take to the ruins, to check out the objective and benefit from ‘Urghnoulds cunning street fighting (Stealt ruins). The boys press forward, keeping a broad formation as not needing to choose a direction. ‘Urghnould hops out of his wheels and join them with his trusty painboy. A trukk holds an objective by the central building.

Shooting is not too effective, apart from the lobbas who blast a few Skitarii to the junk yard (=loot).

The Orks score 14 and 23 for a 0-2 lead as the first game turn is over.


↑ With the Orks closer, the AdMech forces can pour out much more firepower and take out an ork trukk kareening toward their lines. Their speed, however, is less impressive.

With objective 26 and First Blood, the game is tied again.


↑ The Stormboyz are hungry for glory and attempt a double charge at the Kataphrons with the Warlord and the Skitarii troopers after the boys fail a not too long charge (and not too short either, just right to get some momentum up behind them choppas, hur). Should not be too hard, and promising for Assassinate.


↑ But adventure and steel on steel can only take you so far, especially when the steel against yours is smeared in machine oil and your comrades are behind. The storm boys bite the dust, with out chipping too much armour of the adeptus mechanicus.


↑ Would this mean that the impetus of the orks is stopped? An awesome Assassinate is lost. Had the orks been successful it would have put the battle strongly in their favour. On the other side of the battle the bikers and the survivors of the trukk charge another trio of cataphrones, but for them the outcome is rather different.

The orks score 13, for 2-3 to the orks at the end of the turn 2.


↑ At AdMech turn 3 the Kastelans countercharge, and wipe out, the Trukk boyz. The Dunecrawler takes on the bikers. The combat ends up rather even. Meanwhile the Kataphrones evaporates orks to the Eternal Waaagh! of the Other Side with their plasma cannons.

Pressing on, the AdMech takes 15 and 64. Taking the lead at 4-3 just as the orks are getting their 3rd turn.


↑ ‘Urghnould has returned to his Nobz, as they take a run at the Kastelans. The Trukk runs up to the last objective and pours out some boys. They join up with the shoota boys that try to dakka dat ‘umie kan-ov-a-git! Bikers pillowfight the Onager. Loota boys take out the Flakka Onager.

16, 64 & 15 for the orks, who take the lead at 6-4 as the 3rd turn ends.


↑ Turn 4. The Kataphrons still plasma the Boyz while they push forward, and now the last squad joins in. The Kastelans shoot up the trukk, but get charged by ‘Urhnoulds posse that manage to drag one down with griewous casualties in return. The bikers, well Boss Nob with his power klaw, still pillow fight with the Onager. A bunch of might grot reinforcements sneak up.

After the end of turn 4: 8 – 6 to the Orks. (AM: 41,13 & O: 22, 66)


↑ The game is late, and the orks are suffering. Can they keep the AdMech pinned for long enough to win?


↑ The AdMech take out the last of the trukk boyz. The painboy and his fellow are left.


↑ In the battle between ‘Urghnould et al. & the Kastelan, it ends in Total Annihilation! No one lives just like in a 18th century duel, in space. The price is steep, for the AdMech gain Slay the Warlord and 16 for an even 8 – 8 at the end of AdMech Turn 5. It’s getting tight!

(Oh, and no damage is dealt in that pillow fight…)


↑ Too tight? The Orks and Grotz race to be the glorious champions to score objective 4. But they can’t get there! Just a fraction of an inch too short!


↑ But the Onager finally goes down!

The Orks does no score an objective, however and the game is tied 8 – 8. And no turn 6 will come. If I had consolidated towards the AdMech deployment zone I would have easily score Line Breaker. My plan is to play to 6 turns (66 % it goes there), and now I wanted to make it hard for the Kataphrones to shoot them.

So close!

It was a very fun game, and a good first match-up. I believe Mek Boy enjoyed it too, as we seem to approach the game similarly. The forces are very even, which is nice and leaves some play room. Mission, deployment, a few rolls ending differently and it might all have been thrown upside down.

I’m in for another! I wonder how my Dark Angels would fare against all that plasma…


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