A Sprouting – A Sylvaneth vs Beast herds Age of Sigmar Battlereport

I out my Sylvaneth for the first time in a 1000 point game against the Beast Herds…

I bought a bunch of Sylvaneth as the Battle Tome came out. While they are all assembled, many are without bases to help out the basing later on. This has put a few stokes in the wheel of my plans to follow Mr.Easter and TheTallGuys adventure in FunLand. One trial we did manage to do – a small skirmish at 1000 points, which was just about what you need to get a feel for the game.

I brought:

A Spirith of Durthu
3 Kurnoth Hunters (bows)
20 Dryads
5 Ellyrian Reavers

I guessed as much, and was proven right, that a 400 point monster like the Spirit of Durthu would be a bad choice in a game of 1000 points. If one is unprepared, it is all but unkillable. But, I can also see it being the other way. Skipping those Reavers would also allow me to play around with forests, which, in hindsight would be very useful.

My actual intention is to use a Tree Lord Ancient as my leader (or mayhap Drycha) at these sizes. The Reavers would be swapped for  unit of Tree Revenants. But with stuff on the painting table and/or without bases this was my game plan.

The beast herds had
A Shaman Leader
2 x 5 Centigors
3 Minotaurs
10 Gors
20 Gors
10 Bestigors

How in Siberia can one fit so many beastmen into 1000 points. But, the truth is, one can.

The mission objective is to capture an objective in the middle of the player’s deployment zones. In case of a tie, we go to killed points of enemy.


↑ The game board after deployment. The beast herds are pouring over the hills, while the trees stay in the forest to get some buffs.


↑ The beasts pour forwards as fast as they can, preparing to make a massive charge against the Sylvaneth line.


↑ The Sylvaneth take up defensive positions, the Reavers and Hunters try to do some ranged damage but ultimately fail.


↑ And then the Grind starts as the full Beastmen line charge in. Unfortunately I forgot one buff the Dryads get in the forest, which certainly would help.


↑ The Kurnoth Hunters root themselves and take some insane punishment without flinching (the minotaurs also seem to not know where to hit them). The Son of Durthu Chop one unit of gors to bits, while the Dryads try to bog down the others.


↑ The other unit of centigors hit home, and take out most of the Reavers. The ungors manage to do a few wounds to the Son of Durthu, but they regrow soon (Command Trait).


↑ The son of Durthu gives the hurt back sweeping away most with a few swings, scattering the rest. The Bestigors are also engaged but they fail to do much more than remove the last Dryads with the centigors.


↑ It’s close as the last Minotaurs fall and the Centaurs charge in and kill the Kurnoth Hunters. If they can remove both them and the Reavers, they might get the Centaurs close enough to grab a sudden victory in this scenario.


↑ But, the Kurnoth Hunters are tough as nails (wooden plugs?) and won’t budge. The Spirit of Durthu now charges and with the Kurnoth Hunters they sweep the objective clean. A last unit of Gors holds the Beastmen objective. 1 – 1 in objective, and with 580 points still alive the Sylvaneth manage to pull out a victory.

Those Beastmen are always nasty to see pouring over the game board towards you. They are fast. They are many. They hit hard. This did go better than I expected, even though I forgot many shots with Hunters and the Spirit and could have made the Dryads better in combat with their buffs. In the end it was the Spirit of Durthu that saved the day eating up several units that came close. The game would have been very different if he had been focussed out early.

The game plan now? I am close to finishing the Tree Revenants, who will be added next. This gives me a Sylvaneth Wildwood to place in the beginning of the game which probably will help a lot. I am also still working on the Spirith of Durthu (the sword and the head) but after he’s finished the leader will be swapped out too for a Treeman Ancient or Drycha Hamadreth. There’s work for me for a little while. 🙂

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