Grotz! Grotz! Grotz! – Old School Gretchin Showcase

I finally finished my old school metal grotz I’ve had laying around for a far too long time.

A long time ago I picked up a bunch of old school minis a guy sold at our FLGS. There was loads of boxes with metal minis from ages past under the counter. Unfortunately I was a poor student and couldn’t get all I wanted. (No, maybe I am not too sad about it in the end, I would just have ended up with too many minis laying around.) I found plastic box of metal grotz when rummaging around, the box made of some sort of transparent plastic with a peculiar sliding back. There was a few of these boxes, so I wonder if they were some kind of standard.

Having just started with orks it was a real opportunity to add some mass to my army (plus, “a grotz’ life”). So I bought these at 1 € per model, a bargain no matter how you turn it around.

Right before one of our Apocalypse games I attempted to get these painted, but real life came in the way and saw me painted only ten or so, with the rest being left behind with a green skin and a few spots of metal. Still better than a pure black undercoat, although Goffs they were as well as grotz can be.

After painting the Dark Heresy henchmen, or villains, I got inspired to paint up some different models. Before me was another grot in metal. One I had got from a certain Ressurectionist for a birthday, a few years less ago – the one with a red mohawk in the middle of the first picture below. (Right now I recall I also have an old fantasy orc with badass armour and a flail that I am savouring and always getting a nice surprise from when rummaging around.) So I painted up this first grot, and think maybe, just maybe this is the right time. And it was…

I don’t like having too many minis lying around, and I enjoy being limited. Realistically its just wasteful to have all the minis. I don’t want all the minis. It makes the choice to pick one a much more powerful and valuable process. But it also, it’s nice to have a few random ones, well chosen ones, in wait. Dormant. A few that you can say to maybe, just maybe this is the right time.

What do you have lying in wait for you?

4 responses to “Grotz! Grotz! Grotz! – Old School Gretchin Showcase

  1. Aw brilliant mate, I’ve got a lot of love for the humble grot, and the old lead figs are far and away the best IMO. So much character, and comedy too! Nice job getting them all painted 🙂

  2. These gretchin look great. I’ve got a few of the old RT ones still floating around, still unpainted. If I didn’t have such a backlog of models (including a whole bunch’a Orks started in 2005) I’d probably start on the grots after seeing your post – inspirational!

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