Realmgate Wars Novels Coming as Softback 2017!

Looking around for some geeky reads I stumbled upon entries for some of the Realmgate Wars books as softcover in 2017.

I was hunting my regular internet bookstore Adlibris (2 PM GMT+00, 2016-10-16) to see if the Realmgate Wars books had appear or if anything else would tingle my internal book worms. I was rather surprised to see that they seem to be coming as paperbacks (Swe: Pocket right of the titles) finally! The release date is the usual ambiguous year 2017.

I don’t feel those shorties warrant 20 €, but at the regular 12,50 € (ish) RRP I’d give you my riksdaler happily sometime next year!


5 responses to “Realmgate Wars Novels Coming as Softback 2017!

  1. What kind of books do generally you prefer? Say fantasy vs sci fi? Epic world shattering stuff vs random small dude with his or her troubles? Do Black Library books have to be about your army/faction?

  2. That’s an amibitous question, Mr. Beakie. Especially in this context. The first choice would almost always be fantasy (if versed sci-fi). Generally I like it to be away from the usual, real-life grind. I don’t like dramas that describe individuals’ misery, or historical, or any, biographies. After that I’m rather open.

    Raymond E. Feist’s Midkemia saga has been a blast, Stephen King is good too at the moment. Next “real” series after King’s Dark Tower will be Dune (I haven’t got around to that yet). In between these, or if lighter reading is needed, Black Library stuff fits. I enjoyed Farrer’s Enforcer trilogy, and what Cain stories you have told me, so my faction is not necessary. I read BL usually as inspirational support when working on something, to keep the paint grinder going. But with Age of Sigmar I feel I still can explore a new world.

    What about you?

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