Space-Ninja Turtles! – Shaltari Pungari Showcase

A bit into our Dropzone Commander adventure, I decided to add a squad of Pungari  to my Shaltari force. Have a look!

I’ve been feeling like I am fighting a bit of an uphill battle when facing Mr. Easters UCM with three squads of infantry against my Shaltari’s two Brave squads. When picking up Reconquest Phase 2, I then decided to pick up some Pungari, and two Spirits, to see if it really is easier to find objectives if there’s many of your guys in a twelve floor building. (It by the way isn’t, you only wake up monsters in your building.) And frankly, the little buggers are quite lovely, aren’t they.

I was a bit surprised at how detailed they are, and fun to paint too!

Even though they now look like space-ninja turtles in their green skin, that green fits nicely with the orange. Also, going for the artwork skin colour of dark grey would have them unfortunately blended in with the bases. While that would be good camo, it’s not what you want on the tabletop, usually.

This is how my current army looks like, right now:


Shaltari Army 780-ish:
3 Eden Gates, 1 Spirit, 1 Haven
A Commander in a Coyote, level 3
3 Kukri
3 Tomahawks
1 Brave squad
1 Pungari Squad

After posting on the hawkforum for feedback and ideas, I am now considering taking my commander to level 2, and maybe removing an Eden, to try to squeeze in another squad of Infantry…



2 responses to “Space-Ninja Turtles! – Shaltari Pungari Showcase

    • Thanks! I basically liked the colours the poster-Shaltaris have, but wanted something a bit personal – “if you really want to humiliate someone on a personal level beat him up with a carrot”, I figured.

      (In my undefence, though, I think they look better in photographs…)


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