Sneaker Dread Bash – A Warhammer 40k Multiplayer Battle Report Orks vs. Raptors vs. Tyranids

Mr. Easter is excited for the new Genestealer Cults coming, and tries them out in a three way game with Orks facing Space Marines and Tyranids with Genestealer Cults.

There’s a lot of buzz going on with the new Genestealer Cults coming, even though they arrived without their awaited limo. (I dig that mining truck though.) Even Mr. Easter threw his signature thoughtfulness out the window went to our FLGS to pick up the codex as soon as it came out.

Suitably enough we had a game planned for same day. This would be yet another three way multiplayer scenario. This time with a sightly different board, a V-shape, with a player’s deployment zone in each point. The result was a rather small area to start in, but we only worked with 1200 points each, so it was doable. The Tall Git placed a few impassable terrain features (the two hills and the moor) to further herd the players along.

We had five Mysterious Objectives in game. One in each deployment zone and two roughly even in the middle to have the forces meet up in the centre of the board. One point would be awarded for each objective held at the end of one’s player turn. Secondary objectives were Slay the Warlord (x2) and Linebreaker (x2).

Having painted up my Gorkanaut I was keen on trying it out, a plan that was not too sensible in such a small game. To make sure it had some pondus I added a bunch of friends to it’s posse, namely two Deff Dreads and two mobs of 3 Killa Kans. To make the army CAD-proof I took three units of grots and a mob of boys. The latter would hold my Warlord Mek Guy Vern and his Dok Assistant. (See below.)


The sneaky beakie force was led by a
Libby with a Jump pack,

It had two units of Scouts in Storm Speeders
A full unit of Assault Beakies
6 Scout bikers
Two units of Termies (one with an ass.can.)
and Two Multi-Melta Dreadnoughts.


The nasty buggers were led by a
There was some hormagaunts
A Carnifex
A Tyrannofex
A Shroud-o-trope,
A Psych-o-trope,
Gargoyle Troupe,
And Commando Rippers from Hell!

Their brought their friends:
A Magus (who could summon stuff and shoot with other’s stuff) (Proxy: Sorceress)
A Primus (Proxy: Dark Elf Prince)
10 Acolyte hybrids (Proxy: Genestealers)
15 Neophyte hybrids with a mining laser and a seismic cannon (The mix was to “try out different weapons”. Yeah right. When nid player’s get to choose between long range dakkas, they just have a hard time choosing. Proxy: Cultists) 


Orks Turn 1. Here you can see the table. Beakies are deployed in the upper left, Nids in the upper right. The five objectives, worth 1 Vp to the active player if held at the end of their turn, can be found:
1. Under Gork’s Trasha’s (or Gorky McGorkface as called by his frienemies) left arm,
2. Between the brown rock and the hard green place of a rock.
3. By the ramp by the brown rock
4. In front of the termis by the top-left building
5. Between the ruin and the crater to the top-right.

The Orks pour forward. Putting a few shots on the Neophyte hybrids and the scout bikes.


Beakies Turn 1 (before and after). They mostly run up, rather carefully. A few shots were fired at the Kans without effect. (Here the bikes have blown up by a trapped objective, these wounds were actually saved by their cover save we realized – Raptors chapter tactics boost that.)


Nids Turn 1. The sneakers hop out of the board. The rest move forward. The flyrant tries to damage the kans without succeeding.

After turn 1: O 1 – R 2 – T 2


Orks and Beakies Turn 2. Against the Nids Orks try to hurt the Flyrant, and actually get a two wounds in. Not much happens against the marines.

I see a problem though. I’d need to pour a lot of models against the marines to be able to overwhelm all those fists and Multi-Meltas. 3 Kans and a Dread aren’t enough. Neither are they enough against the Nids. I can’t try to overwhelm either foe, as that would leave me crippled after fighting them and easy pickings for the other enemy. I’d also be easy pickings in my home base. Shit. I choke, and move up too indecisively.

Beakies take down a kan.


Nids Turn 2. The Tyranids menace spreads out. Cultists spring out around the mahreens. As if not enough, the Magus summons five metamorphs armed to the teeth, including a hand flamer each. They burn up some scouts in the Land Speeder Storm. Acolytes blast a few scouts to smithereens. The flyrant blows up two kans.



Orks and Beakies Turn 3. The Orks shoot down the Flyrant and a Dread tries to sneak up behind the nids force with a kan. The Kan, can’t hold back and rampages into the gaunts.

Assault marines hand out pain to the cultist who all meatshield the magus, while the rest of the force destroys the metamorphs and the Primus’ bodyguard.


Nids and Orks Turn 4. The Tyranids lost most of their speed with the loss of the Flyrant and the Sneakers. They face a similar problem as the rest of the forces, they lack the punch for an all-out assault. The marines cannot risk moving forward to get into charge range of the orks, and are fine just taking melta-shots at the ork walkers.

Seeing the strong position of the Mahreens the Orks decide to strike with whatever forces left, forgoing the minimal shooting and just legging it.


Turn 5. In hope of getting all walkers into combat with the dread and annihilating the squadron and reworking the power hierarchy the Dread and Kan leave the “Tyranid” objective behind and try to get a charge in. This plan fails, but the Gorkanaut and the Kan manage to destroy one of the Dreads.

In the beakie counter-assault the Trasher is trash himself as the dread presses the Wang-Chung button. The kan is destroyed by terminators.


Endgame. Above is the scoring table. The Orks got on the back foot after not pushing forward. Could it actually have been the choice of table quarter that forced the division and subsequently made me hesitate. While here the objectives were closer and more reachable, I think the space marine corner would in the end have been more advantageous.

The Genestealer Cults were really fun to see. I expect to see MSU adaptation of these that hop around and take surprise pot shots at the enemy with surprisingly large quantities of guns. Combine that with a psychic power that lets you summon a fully upgraded unit of 5 or 10 models that deploys with the normal sneaky table and 40k Guerilla Warfare is taken to a new level. It’s probably not a very easy army to play, and might prove a bit unrealiable. But think of several units with multiple demo charges that appear next to you and tossing their first payload, sneaking away and doing it a second time.

I hope Blood Axes and Catachans get something like this too!


2 responses to “Sneaker Dread Bash – A Warhammer 40k Multiplayer Battle Report Orks vs. Raptors vs. Tyranids

  1. Sounds like a good time was had mate – the GS Cult do sound like a really interesting faction to play! So tempted… :-/

    Oh, cracking Orks btw!

  2. It was! We somehow got into a stalemate where neither side really dared to push through. When the Raptors got the chance, the GSC infiltrated all over: getting an extra shot when appearing (the summoned ones) and getting an opportunity to charge from infiltration. There’s so much you could do.

    One way to do them would, I’ve heard, be to proxy them as Blood Axes. The do look awesome and bring many new play styles to their near allies – Guard and Nids. I’m very happy that our Buglord is picking up some!

    Thanks for reading!

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