Villainy Coming Through! – Painted Dark Heresy villains

After our last Dark Heresy game I picked up some of our villain minis, that had been used unpainted for years, to have them painted. This is how they turned out.

For some reason we have been using a bunch of unpainted minis as villains when we play Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader. That’s even though we all are a bunch of wackos having for years been invested in painting up armies. A’time but now. It’s especially bad of us as Chaos Beakie has spent quite some time converting them up from Empire Flagellants and Empire Militia, in the beginning of our career as acolytes for the Holy Ordos. But then, maybe that’s what it is about – they’ve been marked by his claws.

Let’s hope he approves of my works.

I went for something quick and, as the world suits, dirty, using what some might call Blanchitsuesque methods – starting from dark browns and blending in colours to build up towards the wanted hue. (This is actually also true for the purple green Mr. Too, although the gradient was a bit steeper.) Mostly dry/overbrushing techniques with minimal highlighting. It was quite an interesting try, especially as the minis were far different than what I usually tickle with my brush.

As a final comment I want to share a small “Aha!” I experienced with these. A friend that’s into the more canvassy side of painting (and good at it as well) once pointed out a thing about the colour of human skin. That where one usually starts with pink, or light reds, one should actually do orange. We are not pink (except for maybe Finns and Brits on vacation in anything warmer than Estonia). We are orange.
I got my practical demonstration of this as when painting Mr. Teau’dah Right with his orange shirt in the grim darkness of my lamp-lit apartment his shirt blended in with his arms and his face. This was in the middle of the job, feeling out the shade of beard and hair and shirt and it was a lot of Mournfang Brown, Vallejo Light Orange and Cadian Fleshtone about, all shaded with Agrax. But that was a very tangible vision of it – we are orange, no pink.


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