Bound for Madness – Boardgaming to insanity

It seems like boardgames are September’s hotness, as we get another session in of Mansions of Madness and a new box appears on the shelf.

After our first session of Mansions of Madness, me, Temla and Chaos Beakie (also known as Papa Gobbo) was already planning in another game. We got lucky and squeezed in the second try yesterday.

I skipped Duke and his assistant, for Kate Winthrop and her flux stabilizer while Chaos Beakie went for someone more and fabulous (again), cus that’s how he rolls. Temla, having practised her evil laughter for a week, kept going as the keeper, cus that’s how she rolls.

Although we were more focused in our actions this time, we got obstacles and paranormal activities thrown at us in such combinations that the mansion took this one home. This time, it was not the keeper, but rather the investigators who were playing against the clock. We have one last version of the first scenario – expected to be both sides against the clock – but for now we spy that whichever side is facing the clock is up for a harder time. It will be interesting to see how the character of the game changes as we move from investigations unknown to replaying known scenarios. This would turn the game from investigations to a more keeper-against-players tactical face-off. For now the one investigation is nice, with a nice horror feel to it as your insanity drips down to cracks of the floorboards.

It turned out that they had bought the first edition of the game as the second edition requires an app to play. Bad move from Fantasy Flight Games, here, as this limits the playability of the game in the long term.

The new addition to my meager collection of boardgames is Runebound. I have been looking to add something to my collection for a while. My intention was to actually go for Silver Tower, but in the end another universe than those provided by GW would be nice. I also wanted something that could work as solo play – a patience-like game. Looking around I realized also that I have player against player games – classical mini-strategy games or run around games, a few friendship killers (Risk, Scrabble and Monopoly) – but nothing like players against the board. Runebound seem to check all these points, plus it was surprisingly cheap at only 55 € with expansions at 10-20 €. I was initially lured by Zombicide: Black Plague after watching Wargamer: Fritz praise it regularly. It actually fell on the games strong suit – theme. While the game is all about surviving zombies, and that is as endlessly amusing as the zombie horde. For some this means not at all, and at times you might want to look at something different. (Heck, pull out all your zombies and see how long a squad of nobz/beakies can survive if you’re longing.) Runebound lets you choose between a few different villains to face.

My first attempt was only this morning, when I set it all up and tried to figure it out. Seems fun, deep and not too far from Talisman. And everything but pimps…


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