The Madness Begins! – Boardgame time with Mansions of Madness

Temla and Chaos Beakie have gotten hold of the Mansions of Madness board game by Fantasy Flight Games and I head over for the first run.

Temla and Chaos Beakie are both huge board game fans and are building up an impressive collection. A big favourite that has been seen here on the blog as well is Arkham Horror, which has provided them, and us, hours and hours of Great fun, haha! The next addition to their library was Mansions of Madness that continues the Lovecraftian theme, but goes closer to a RPGesque milieu where investigators discover clues to defeat a Keeper, the GM of sorts. As common nowadays the game comes with a bunch of toys and bits, and I think these are of very good quality. They are very close to Malifaux miniatures, although made with softer plastic to better wear regular game play.

An Arkhamite recognizes the characters from he previous game – unsurprisingly much of the artwork is shared between the Lovecraftian product line. This does not matter, for I think you approach the characters slightly differently (I know I did). And you are actually able to play each character in 4 different ways with a small choice in initial abilities.

For us the character choice became a bit of a game. A guess who’s who, with the finals unresolved. For the record, Chaos Beakie now owns us ice cream (and all that is written on the web must hold true).

For me it was a tough choice between Ashcan Pete, the drifter, and Kate Winthrop. Duke tipped the scales for Pete’s cause, in the end.

Although I can’t say too much after a single game, the setting was intriguing and suspenseful with any failures being rather unforgiving for the investigators. With neither of us two investigators armed in a operating room with the lights flickering and dying, corpses communicating and a maniac appearing from nowhere and swinging away cackling maniacally it was tense. “Where did the doors just go?” The ambiance would be perfectly supported by a stormy autumn night in a cabin where the players are ready to stumble towards the edge of insanity.

It’s a five by five for another go soon.


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