Medium Gates Painted – A Dropzone Commander Eden Gate Showcase

I can finally can show my painted Eden Medium Gates for my growing Shaltari force.

We started with a Starter box each for our Dropzone Commander forces, and are still working through them. After painting these Eden Gates I only have two half painted baby gates, a squad of Braves and the turret of a Tomahawk left before I can move on to Boudicca, my commander. Then we can look at something new to add. 🙂

I liked the orange colour on the Shaltari, but didn’t want to copy the scheme. I ended up highlighting the models with yellow for a gradient effect, and added black to the wings for contrast. The smallest details in blue gives a more alien feel, and the feel of functionality.

Again, painting an army with few models is refreshing. As is working with a new scale.


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