‘Urghnould meets dem sneaky mahreens – An Warhammer 40k Orks vs Raptors BatRep

A tall guy revisits his Space Marines. A tall guy goes Raptors. A tall guy gets of the choppy end of the choppa.

When I started with 40k it was by sharing an Assault on Black Reach starter set with The Tall Guy; him taking the Space Marines and me taking the Orks. I vividly remember an Ork Nob from the set that was being showcased in the White Dwarf. It was awesome. The Tall Guy came upon Ultramarines in the end. Was it a blue period, or the abundance of fluff, or the lack of taint? Who knows.

But they didn’t sit well in the long run.

Time went by, as did a Vostroyan army. Then, one day, came the idea to maybe revisit them. The idea that they might be Raptors and not Ultramarines.

And as has been written in the prophecies of the past on this blog, tradition must be fulfilled. That is, that Space Marines must face Orks when there is a reawakening. So it came to pass…

5 scouts
5 scouts in a Land Speeder Storm
5 scouts in a Land Speeder Storm
5 Terminators, assault cannon
5 Terminators
2 Dreadnoughts, Multimelta & Power Fist
5 Scout bikes
10 Assault Marines, 2 flamers, Lightning Claws on Sergeant

Warboss in Mega-Armour, Lucky Stikk
4 Trukkloads of 10 Sluggaboyz with a Big Choppa Nob (wif a bosspole)6 Nobz, 2 Power Klawz, 2 Big Choppas, 2 Kombi-Skorchas in a Battlewagon
5 Flash Gitz in a Gunwagon
7 ish Lootas with a Mek

The board was designed by Chaos Beakie and Mr. Easter, with a MadMaxTown in the lower right and a RuinyTown to the upper left. In BothTowns and the centre puddle a mysterious objective was placed. 3VPs each for the objectives with the usual Secondary Objectives. The Raptors had the Initiative, but let the Orks take the first turn to spring the trap with “only” one Scout unit, the scout bikes, a terminator unit, the dreads and the Techmarine on the board. The Orks had no time for being sneaky and deployed all.


Initial deployment.


The Orks take out the sneaky scouts hitting their rear and he Flash Gitz dakka a termy to bitz. A trukk gets stuck in the mud in spite of his ram-plow. Little other action was seen.


The Battlewagon start to rush towards the Dreads, the powerklaws of the nobs and Warboss ‘Urghnould being the realistic threat to the sloggin dreads. (Rokkits on the trukks never hit, and the Lootas couldn’t draw good line of sight to them from the ruins.)


The Assault Marines and the Land Speeders strike. A trukk is then blown up and two hull points taken away from another. Lootas take a lot of fire, but the survivors remain on post.


↑ A Waaagh!! echoes through the valley. Three units of Orks attack the assault marines, only the Assault Sergeant escaping from their clutches as he wreaks a gory path through the orks. Another trukkmob assaults the Land Speeder Storm, but fail to destroy it. ‘Urghnoulds Honour Guard assault the Dreads, barely escaping from their furious overwatch and overwhelm them in close combat. The Terminators behind the hill take more casualties from the terrible ork snazzguns.


The second unit of Termies arrive to support the rear assault of the Land Speeder Storm borne scouts. The second land speeder deploy its scouts, which then move to take over the objective.


‘Urghnould assault the lone scouts in MadMaxTown while the nobs are ready to take on the TechMarine holding the home objective. A trukk holds the central objetive. The remnants of the Trukkmobs finally tear the Assault Sergeant to bitz, and destroy the last Land Speeder Storm. The Scouts then cut them down in a swathe of bolter fire.


↑ The scout bikes retaliate and finally capture the middle objective from the burning and swiveling drive-shaft remains of the trukk. The rear assault move up.

The nobz destroy the techmarine and grab the space marine home objective. In a final attempt to grasp the victory from the cunning mahreens, a relatively unharmed mob of trukkers assault the scout bikes in the middle. But they see danger and escape from the charge (failed morale in the shooting phase). They then rally and get onto the objective. The Rearguard capture the ork home objective.
Oh, that bitter moment when I realize I should have hopped onto the objective with my trukkboyz and attempted a charge from there. But, no. Because I wouldn’ shoot and cause a morale test, but I did.

Final score is Raptors 7 (2 objectives and Line Breaker), Orks 6 (1 Objective, Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord, First Blood).

It was a very close game! Dreadnoughts are always a headache, and now at 1250 points I was so pressed for points that I skipped the Power Klaws on my boy units leaving my green butt bearer than ever. And I also Congratulate the Fresh Mahreens on what might have been their first victory over Orks ever. After finding his Vostroyans the Tall Guy has grown really cunning as a player, and now he has forged a space marine force that really fits him well. I am looking forward to seeing what he can do with it as he gets more comfortable with it!

Thanks for reading!


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