Ruins of the Cityscape – A Dropzone Commander Shaltari vs UCM BatRep

We get our ruinscape set and jump to try Dropzone Commander on a full scale board with our Shaltari and UCM forces. 

As soon as our internet-based discount* plastic crack handler packed the Ruinscape set we put the order in. A few weeks later, it arrived and me and Mr. Easter snuck to the seminar room to see how the tiles look stacked up and how much variety you can get for you games. Our impression after playing around for an hour was “a lot”. The set is also very affordable, and together with the starter set we have a serious amount of buildings to fight over (and, if you’re Mr. Easter, obsess on destroying). But, the price is reflected in the quality – you are paying for paper after all. Although the finish is good, wear and tear risk to be seen quickly on the sides/cutting edges. This might be cured by using a fixative spray. A drawback is also the slippery surface, that risk causing in-game earthquakes. That said, the value is excellent. And if the are worn out (or somebody spills their tea/beans on them) you won’t cry to replace them.

Naturally, we wanted to try out how the increased amount of terrain and space (the starter battlefield is not of full size) feels in a game. With only 750 points yet we are playing rugby on a golf course, though.


↑ This is what our semi-randomly generated terrain looked like.


↑ The 750 points of Shaltari. Commander Boudicca is the only addition to the force so far, but another Haven gate and a unit of Braves is available from the start.


↑ Ambient shot of my Kukris on the new field. They were finally finished for his game.


↑ The mission was about trying to score table quarters by getting most points in by the end of the game. Infantry in buildings counts as double. I spread out early to try some Shaltarigans (Shaltari shenanigans), and to try to lure the UCM to spread out too thin.


↑ The UCM castle up and prove that Shaltari isn’t the only one hiding behind buildings.


↑ The Kukris reaction fire on the Raven trying to do a surprise attack. The Kukri win.


↑ I jump Boudicca to another corner to use my command cards to burn up some infantry in the building. Some new rules were learned, and, it seems, forgotten.


↑ The games most prominent firing lane. Boudicca hop back and forth, as do he Tomahawks and the Sabres taking pot shots at each other, but doing little damage.


↑ To the left my Haven can be seen, ready to deploy my infantry into a building.


↑ A devastating close quarter battle is being fought in a building. Leaving a lone Brave alive, and the UCM infantry fleeing through underground tunnels.


↑ I try a Shaltarigan to move my Kukri from the top left to the bottom right to shoot down a transport and then go at the infantry.

I learned how well infantry can shoot.


↑ I learned that it was a generally bad idea. There went my anti-air and their gate. Ouch.


↑ It’s nearing the end of the game, little is happening but the UCM have the power to move around rather unhindered.


↑ And we get to the final positions.

I get the feeling I am lacking in all areas. I have too little anti-tank to do any ground damage, I have too little anti-air to do any damage to air targets, and I have too few infantry squads to compete in the objectives part of the game. I do feel that this will help as we get to slightly larger game sizes.


↑ The result of the game. The UCM win. This was partially due to getting the last turn, and being able to counter my movement rather than the other way around. If I recall, I made a bad move (or was it gamble) that didn’t pay off in the end. To the top right you can see the total points left – in this matter the game was very tight up to the end.

*I have no experience in he matter whatsoever, but I dare give you a piece of advice: Don’t by discount crack. Trust me, I am a scientist.


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