Marcus’ Family Album – A Malifaux WiP

My Marcus crew for Malifaux for lines up to visualize where in the name of Bill Murray I am in my Malifaux collecting.

Originally the intent for this blog was to be a tool for me to evaluate where my hobbying was, and moreover, to help me explore my hobbying in a deeper way. What’s more suitable than to take a look at here how far I’ve come here!

The small number of models have encouraged me to try to evolve painting and basing, and together with a different design style on the models compared to what has been done before it has been a requisite to change the approach. I am getting through the most interesting models for Marcus (a certain named bunny, will follow, a Slate Ridge Mauler, some Silurids…) and then its time properly learn how he works on the gaming board before moving forward…

In one and a half years:



4 responses to “Marcus’ Family Album – A Malifaux WiP

  1. Marcus has the same colours as Cojo; coincidence? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Marcus is really nice, how did you fare with him so far?

    • Actually, it is! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I wanted a pale/white Marcus, as most people paint him like a native american. (I almost did too, then I went black, and wait no let’s go like Burt Reynolds. #link)

      I haven’t got in too many games yet, but its getting better. Chaos beakie is also working slowly and against him its quite fun, but another player who only started in the spring has already 3-4 masters in Ressers and is now starting with Hamelin and proceeding forward through Outcasts. Working out the core rules and always facing new models/masters/combos is a real chore. It will be better as I play more games and understand all the pieces better, but its hard to find time for all games. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Marcus I like. He’s fun, can do a lot of different things and has a crew that hits hard and is fast. Right up my alley. Beasty crews are a plus too.

      Do you play Marcus too? Played a long time?

      • I’ve played Marcus intensely for a while. He is brilliant, and love playing him. The movement is insane, and he and his crew pack a real punch. Loved the cerberus as well. Painted her as one of my cats,and its a paint job I am very proud of.

        There’s a couple of beasts I never got around to playing, but cannot vouch for the Blessed of December enough. Man, I need to play him again (but focussed on Rezzers now).

  2. That basing work is really amazing; it looks so like a jungle floor from a film.

    I understand what you mean about it being a ‘chore’ to play against a new Master or crew, but I think that once you get past the ‘gotcha’ moments of some new combo it is where the depth of game begins to shine.

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