First of the Forest Folk – An Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Showcase

Seeing that sneak peek of Alarielle I knew it was time for me to get into Age of Sigmar with a real AoS army. Here’s my first Dryads for my starting Sylvaneth force.

Although I had already ordered a bunch of the new releases I picked up the new Get Started with Sylvaneth box as soon a it dropped to my FLGS. Just because it had already taken four week, I really wanted to build something and Treat Yoself!

Season of War something I have wanted to participate in, but work and an addition to the family* kept games at bay. By painting these I get my chance.

I went for a natural colour scheme using a limited palette of browns and greens, that together with the base make the models close to monochromatic (bichromatic should be a word if it isn’t). The lighter grass and tufts on the base provide contrast to the dark model, but also in terms of warmer and cooler colours.

I am not a big fan of drybrushing. But when combining it with blending, or small steps in many layers you can build up smooth highlights that colour a certain topographical height rather than an area – perfect for that natural look. Glazes and shades also use the shape of the model in a similar natural way. But, I could no keep myself from a few edge highlights to bring out some features and give that wooden hardness.

*You should know its hard work to get to get two rabbits to get used to each other, especially when one is a grumpy old man-ov-a-bun.

8 responses to “First of the Forest Folk – An Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Showcase

  1. These are my favourite Dryads so far – and my Twitter feed is full of people painting them. Great work!

    • Thanks! I had done similar basing on my Malifaux Marcus crew. The round (and larger) basing in Age of Sigmar leaves some space to tell a little bit about where and what the models are. Please do! Did you know you get 10 internet points and a parrot sticker if you refer back here if you make a blog post of them. πŸ˜‰

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