New Sylvaneth Scenery Piece Hidden in Plain Sight? – Poison Tail does Rumour-mongering

When reading my new Sylvaneth Battletome I found this curious terrain piece creeping around in the background. Could it be a kit to come?

I always remember when how the first glimpse of the “new” metal hydra was first seen on the Citadel Gaming mats side every time I roll up that green grass covered cloth up over the gaming table. It seems to be GWs style do that sort of thing again, with all the gaming boards and alike in recent releases. Somehow its a bit of a fun game if you are early getting hold of a new print to see if something new is in there – a game that probably stems back to that old metal hydra.

Now, when I read through the Sylvaneth Battletome after picking it up at GW Dundee, I found these funny tower like structures in the pictures. It does look like something produced and not converted – something between a Wood and an Eternity Stair from Storm of Magic. I could buy one of those. What do you think?

(Of course the pictures are out of focus, it wouldn’t be a proper rumour otherwise.*)

*This is of course because the terrain piece is featured as a backdrop and is out of focus in the original images, git!)


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