Three Stomp Road – Another Warhammer 40k Multiplayer Battle

It was time for yet another multiplayer game set in the Warhammer 40k universe as I invited myself in to the Boris Guy’s and Mr. Hive Minds game night. What could possibly go wrong?

Somehow it multiplayer games seem to be getting more and more popular in our gaming group. While we before did them once in a while, now almost a third of my games seem to be pitting several of us against each other, with more in the works. On the other hand truly large scale battles (read: Apocalypse) are getting harder to (more reluctantly) schedule in.

Anyroad, this I saw as an opportunity to try out the Lion’s Blade, with min-sized tactical squads (except for the borrowed assault squad which harboured my artificier armoured chapter master), two drop pods, a few rhinos (borrowed from my Sororitas) and three bikes. The Tall Guy, previously referred to as the Boris Guy, went for something more thread-heady than usual toting a command chimera and two hellhounds alongside his three sentinels and two vet-squads. Mr. Hive Mind, usually referred to as Mr. Easter, ran an Endless Swarm, with a Prime Leading the minions and a Flyrant up for some serious Mischief.


Objective. ↑We opted for a random-value objective game with a close quarters deployment with six evenly spread out objectives with only little space between the forces – an area of 12″ around three of these were our deployment zones.


The Game according to the Space Marines. ↑The Dark Angels got the first turn after a seize, dropping in a pod right in the middle of the board. Well, not really. The pod scattered right into the gap that my Rhinos supposedly were to drive through. The Assault Marines charged into the veteran, taking casualties to the overwatch. In spite of a several high strength shots and two grav-cannons, no damage was done to the sentinels. A swathe of nids were burned by bolter and flame.

The Tyranids ran up, mostly taking up a better position and getting up some speed. The Imperial Guard countered the assault marines with a vet squad and some rough riders.


↑ A Feel no Pain for standing close to an objective (Warlord trait) does not take you very far.


↑ But the2+ artificer save took care of the incoming Rough Riders.


↑ One thing the Dark Angels could do next. That’s take down the Tyranid Prime. That’s letting a Land Speeder Typhoon do it. That’s doing it with a single heavy bolter salvo.

The Lion approves.


↑ Then, a single vet squad with two plasma guns can pretty much do the same to a chapter master. Let’s not dwell on that too much…


↑ The Tyranids was soon swarming the place. The bolters and the flamers weren’t enough.

If I recall, the Tyranids took home the game. Blocking themselves, and them getting their rhinos stopped effectively stopped the Dark Angels, who throw one stick too many into the wheels of the Vostroyans.

From a personal stand-point it was quite different to ride around in rhinos, compared to my usual Biker-Monks from Caliban perspective, or any one-of the ways I do my orks. I also realized that I am content to work with Drop Pods for my tacticals (if nothing else, I’ll give the joy of building a few more pods to the missus) while primarily working on my Ravenwing and Deathwing forces.

One response to “Three Stomp Road – Another Warhammer 40k Multiplayer Battle

  1. Argh! Bugs! And ad at the end! Shoo shoo, get away! Anyhoo, nice shooting with the speeder. Oh, and Boris Guy bringing Rough Riders again. Nice!

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