UFO-Hedgehog Armsrace pt.1 – A Dropzone Commander Shaltari Showcase

Were working slowly but steadily through our Dropzone Commander Collections, slowly grinding us through the starter boxes with an initial aim at 1500 points or so of painted armies of Scouge, UCM and Shaltari…

Luckily we are all pretty comfortable with a slow pace, with the Gastropod commander,  also known as Mr. Easter (who actually fooled us into the game), has painted up his UCM infantry (with some insane marble effects on the bases) and a transport or two as he was looking for the right colour scheme and working  on transfer techniques so the troopers know not to steal their buddies transpots (silly humans that can’t share). He’s expected to blow the rest away in no time with his new airbrushing skills. Mr. Woodlouse, also known as Chaosbeakie, is at the end of Starter-set Rd as he took the ninja-painter commuter bus and got his Scourge painted in a few weeks.

I’m somewhere there in the middle, painting up a model every now and then. It’s a nice scale, and the Shaltari’s are fun to paint with their abundant detailing. It took a while for me, though, to figure out how to approach the amount of detail with the scale – how far to go and so.

Here I want to share the Kukris I got done in my last sitting. One Tomahawk is left for the three of them to be done, and then it’s time for either the Eden gates or the my Ramses. The Haven baby-gates will have to wait until I figure out how many I want to field of them… not all three I guess…

ps. Did you know that hedgehogs literally eats woodlice and gastropods for breakfast? 😉

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