News-tidings in the rat cave

Your doom is coming man-things…

It’s a good time to be a megalomaniac narcissistic rodent with a taste for mass-murder by exotic diseases. The Sylvaneth reappeared with reinforcements, in particular the God of Life, Alarielle the Everqueen. As I was adoring the Handmaidens and the Everqueen from both a fluff and model perspective even as a elf-meat runt this release hits me right into the core. “Unfortunately” the best take is to begin by beating around the bushes – or work up a force of trees before the Everqueen hits the table (with a massive presence and summoning ability). But the advent is often as joyful as Christmas day… This shall be the road I’ll travel.

The reception of the General’s Handbook will be interesting to follow. I like several parts of it just from hearsay – the scenarios, points (if nothing else then as a pointer for free-form games), relics – and at 20 € it’s certainly affordable.

Then, Mr.Easter sends me a link where Hawk Dave is discussing the coming Reconquest Phase 2 book with Beasts of War and all of it’s new stuff and fluff while they are screening the new artwork. Oh, dear. Among other’s there’s a new Shaltari character that works as an Mercenary. (Sounds like a good ally for Boudicca who is embittered over her exile to give the humies some breathing room.)


And some artwork of lots of stuff, including the Pungari. 😀


Yes, Mr. Easter, also known as Dropzone-Clickbaiter, I’m getting excited for this book too…

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