Rumble on the Other Side – Some Malifaux Progress

While my Malifaux adventure hasn’t been too intensive, I do have had time to get in some games. It’s still a bit to go to get past the first ten games that doesn’t count, but were getting there.

With only two other players doing Malifaux in our small group it’s easy to forget about Malifaux every now and then. The approaches are also wildly different. With the Goblin Shroomking (aka Chaos Beakie, nowadays also known as the Slaaneshi Chariot- and Babymaker after him getting six Slaanesh Chariots in one go) still working on his Sonnia starter box on one end, and Spyrer rushing through the Ressers in a half a year on the other. Myself, I have added a few small boxes to my Marcus starter. (Guess I should take a group photo.)

The last game I had with Chaos Beakie was quite interesting. With a few familiar models  it was easier to focus on using actions to achieve the goal, and we also took some time to familiarize ourselves with the goals. I did almost get to Alpha Cojo, but saw him charge headlong through the bushes into the enemy. That big ape is growing on me.


The crew: Marcus, Myranda, Cojo, Mr. Moleman, and the cats.



I think I got a bit better grasp of the upgrades cards available then.


More recently I got a game against Spyrers ressers. We drew a scenario, which would be from the Gaining Ground scenarios. I had come up with a plan (to use my speed and focus on schemes) that seemed sensible. This plan went out the window as Molly apparently was leading a crew. It seems Molly is fast with pushes and this and that.


Marcus, the Jackalope and the Sabertooth ran up a flank, followed by a moleman. The rest tried to counter the enemy crew that by the end of second turn was in my deployment zone. The planned battle report was exchanged for some contemplative moments on the forums available.

I realised: With this few games under the belt (this must have been the second time Marcus got out for real) it would be helpful to keep the set up limited (as in own and enemy models). There is a lot of moving parts in this game that results in quite a deep game – when facing a completely unknown crew at 50ss there was a bit too much going on still to grasp both the scenario and countering. Limiting the Scheme pool to that of the Rulebook could also be wise for a few more games.

Even though this led to that the game it self flew past me I learned: The value of Alpha, a well timed Howl and quite a lot about my own crew working together. Right now I am happy with the models I have, and look to wait for Chaos Beakie to add more to his before I move on, I think. The exception will be when the Tortoise and the Hare box comes out I’ll add Pasha as a Blessed of December. Just ’cause his a bunny.


A summoned Rogue Necromancy appears to make my day sour. But it’s still not as surprising as popping out drowned with a Tactical(0) action just ti to die and leave corpse and Finish the Job.


7 responses to “Rumble on the Other Side – Some Malifaux Progress

    • Indeed, it usually ends up being a bit too much time between games. It’s like an inertia of the mind causing my plans to move forward at the same speed while my schedule says less can be fitted in into the eclecticity. It doesn’t matter, as long as one remembers there’s no hurry. 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂
      It’s one of the things I enjoy most with Malifaux, going from massive ranks of WHFB and large numbers of models filling their bases in 40k, that is few models and large base areas to work with!

  1. Wow… that big ape is flippin’ brilliant – love how you’ve painted him! Don’t know much about the game, but I’ve got to get me one of those…

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