Summertime In the Countryside

In an effort to escape the hectics in the city I packed up and took my bunny to the country side. No geekery this time, except for some nerdy puns maybe…

With my camera in hand I strolled around a bit. Mum’s put up some bird houses that’s usually crammed with birdies. In a desperate effort to gather up more views on my blog I decided to add some tags such as “great tit” and “tit”. Here’s even a “cock”! #clickbait

Now the question that I leave open is is whether or not “You’ve got some major parus” is a plausible multilayered pick up line for biologists? Please leave your experiences of using this in action in the comments below.

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Bunny is jumpin’, and a crow’s takin’ sun…”


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