Ultra-Sonic Extraction – A Dropzone Commander Update

It takes a few tries to get a grip of the rules in a new game. I’m still working through my first ten that “don’t count”. But we just got a little closer to the real deal.

A few weeks ago we got our command cards, and I got my commander (Ramses as it turned out). Pepped up by the new aspect of the game, we soon booked a new game at a mighty 850 points.

I feel my Shaltari army, at this point, is seriously lacking any firepower to do anything against the UCMs high armour. That only my three Tomahawks and, now, my commander can hurt his ground vehicles (I’m ignoring the infantry here as they’re usually busy doing something else) isn’t helped by that basically everything can hurt my ground targets. Our armies are basically the starter sets right now; I have added a walker commander and am still leaving one squad of infantry on the bench. Mr. Easter has swapped the Bears for Ravens and added Falcons. (I think he might believe he’s playing Wood Elves in Space.) I hope this is helped by a Jaguar or a Leopard.

On another note, after my last Dropzone Commander post I was re-entering the chase for a name for the army. Something nifty tribe like, with a touch of girl power. But (and also a bit of because) historically speaking those tribes are lost from the history books. I got a nice suggestion from Angelic Despot – the Dahomey Amazons – that got me into reasearch mode. I actually came back to the same place a few times over. I think it is ka whispering to me.

The Iceni tribe, led by the notorious Boudicca.

It is said that the Iceni stem from the cradle worlds, but were forced away by the Shaltari politics to give room to the humans. In the great scheme of things it is for the benefit of their race, it is said. But it is hard to swallow, and who says one must always turn the cheek…


2 responses to “Ultra-Sonic Extraction – A Dropzone Commander Update

  1. I’m not sure your firepower is as lacking as you think. Perhaps we just aren’t familiar enough with the game yet and therefore compare our firepower with 40K. I don’t think one should expect dropzone shooting to remove large parts of the enemy army each turn.

    By the way, the game was 750 points not 850, at least my list was… 🙂

  2. See – even then was my firepower lacking. 🙂

    You are right . It was 750. I’m still a bit lost when it comes to the point vales in this game.

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