Leadership Dropdown – Shaltari Warchief Ramses Unboxing

I played a couple of Dropzone Commander games and was about to add I was looking to add a commander to my Shaltari force. I could not get any help by the internet, so I want to share a few images of my first impressions of the Warchief Rames model.

There’s a few  ways to pick a commander model for Shaltari right now – you can go down the warstrider or the skimmer tank route, and then go down either Famous Commander Blv or just take Ordinary Nameless Joe Road. A few things weigh in – if you are a tourney player there might be an event you want to attend with strict rules that forbids proxies so you need to stick with what you want to play with rules wise. I’ll play friendlily 107 % of the time (that extra seven percent accounts for when I’m a dick myself) so I can swing either way. I like the warstrider concept (and Dreads, Kans, Stompas etc.) so I had per default limited myself to two options: the Coyote or Ramses. At the time of writing there is no easily found image of Ramses other than the link above that leads to a CAD image of the assembled model, and another painted Ramses.

Conceptually I like the Ramses model more as a leader. The model stands out from other warstriders with it’s “head”. The question is – how the hell does it really look IRL? Arguing that I also get the command cards for the famous commander when, and if, I want to play with those rules for only a few euros more. I took my chances and ordered the model and just got it. Now, to maybe help those looking to buy a commander, and is as befuddled by the choice as I were, I want to share my unboxing with you.


Any good unboxing starts with the model in the unopened box. I get close to that as I couldn’t help myself to finger the models and read the cards. But I put it all back inside. Just for you.



The four command cards. One improves the save of walkers, while others e.g. increases the firepower of walkers or Ramses.


Ramses also got a neopreny pillow so the bodyparts would lay safely during the transportation.


Here are all the pieces. Yan Lo’s beard is lost, but I think I would have left it out anyway. Everything looks crisp and bubblefree. I am actually very impressed after working with the plastics. I feel I’ll have a very enjoyable time painting this one, as with all Shaltari the details really make the models pop even at such a scale.



& Here’s the headpiece, the main cause behind my bamboozlement. I was not sure of the angle of the “feathers”/”mane”, or if they would be in separate pieces pointing at different angles.


& The body. Typical Shaltari detail.


& The command module. If one of these would be available elsewher it wuld be possible to make a module marker for those warstrider-popping moments of grief.


, , & V Here’s one of the legs at different angles and the leg attachment piece. I am still not sure (after a starter box of experience) how large the model is and how the legs are attached. I think I might be doing something wrong with my mental picture and the number of legs.


& And finally the dakkagunz. That goes onto the two holes on the side of the body.

I hope this helps anyone to picture what the model looks like. As soon as I get this done I’ll post up pictures of the painted model as well, but that will take a while. (I think.) I also need a name for both my commander and my Shaltari tribe. I am looking for some tribe, or culture, or city, or similar, which is matriarchal or led by a female warrior at some point of time. It’s not too easy to find a few options, so any suggestions are welcome. Remember that “Amazon” is taken.

And of course remember that the snausages are still in the mug to name my Gorkanaut. 🙂

4 responses to “Leadership Dropdown – Shaltari Warchief Ramses Unboxing

  1. Nice post – thanks for providing the service!

    The European explorers / colonists rather unimaginitively called them ‘Dahomey Amazons’ – female warriors from what is now known as Benin in West Africa, but this wikipedia article gives what is apparently their real name too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dahomey_Amazons

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