Stomping from da Meks’ Shop – Gorkanaut Unboxing

After running down to the FLGS to pick up a Morkanaut/Gorkanaut kit, I wanted to put up a little review, or unboxing of the kit. Just to form an opinion. Hold on to yer gubbinz!

I’ve always liked the stompy machines of the Ork, but somehow a nice large lot of them has elluded me. I always wanted to play a meky stomby dread mob with several units of kans, but never did. I think that’s a matter of style, I simply like painting a variety of different models and units. (Except for boyz, which I have a few lots of.)

Being an infamous orkaeologist, much like the Indiany Jorks, Gork (or possibly Mork) is a very important deity for me, and as such it is easy to construct an effigy for them in the name of retail therapy.

In the store I was actually a bit disappinted at the size of the box. The Stompa’s box is significantly larger (4 times?), even though the price difference is only 10 euros (ca 10 %). I glanced at all the other stuff that I could get for the price – an Age of Sigmar starter i only 15 euros more –  20 more and you can get a Dark Vengeace Chaos starter. Two boxes of grotz (love them chair cushion too!) and a dread mob. No, I’d stick to the plan I’d come up with a long time ago and go home with this beauty (should come up with a name for it – suggestion are welcome). Da Mad Gobbo of a Shroom-muncha Chaos Beakie was there too, but he did some spontaneous shopping and almost made me fall and come home with one of the new Iron Jaws…

But I stuck to the list.

I took the box out to the sun on the balcony and started opening it. The new boxes are a bit thicker than before, and that gives a more valuable feel to it than the flimsier old ones. It was soon also apparent that the box was filled super tightly – much unlike the stompa box. I think you could fit in Kate Moss in there if you tried, but a Kate Moss is really not a SI unit so it’s best to forget about that.


What’s in there then? One of these. It looks familiar, I must have lots of them. But tranfers are for weak people!


Uuh, and a big base! Seing it out of context does not say me much. But if my cell had a base, this would probably be it.


↓ There’s three sprues in there, and all are crammed. Again, much unlike the stompa kit. And if you take a look at them gubbins/worky bitz you can see that the detail and qualtiy of the sprues are so much better. I remember that the Stompa had these fuzzy feeling, very runded edges. And here it’s standard GW type crisp and nice.


Two face shields, let’s see if they can be I can bother to make them magnetized so that one is for the Morka and one is for the Gorka, or if it is even necessary. (I magnetized my one Deathwing units arms. It was more fiddly than what it was worth, so any infantry I won’t magnetize again. But it was a good learning project.)


Here’s a goof example of the level of detail. This seems to be the floor of the transport chamber, and a very thin glyph is placed on the floor. Can’t say anything bad about thi quality.


I then found this head, a bit like one of the heads in the flash gitz kit, I dig the Morpheusy look of this one.


Beside is a gunner boy. This goes behind the arm cannon. I have somthing special in mind for the cannons, so I don’t think this guy will make it. Nonetheless he’ll find a job somewhere, having a bit special backward leaning pose a he does.


The Kustom Force Field, along with the arm gun, will be magnetized. With the simple and robust design it should be a walk in the park.


One thing I dislike in the details on this kit is the front glyph. The designers get a plus for making the horns optional and freely placeable, opening up some customisability. But the main skulls sides are at a silly 60-ish degree angle – this just looks silly. I can’t understand why one would do it like that – especially on such a focal point. Especially as other corners with a similar directionjust beside it are perpendicular it seems like a deliberate choice… The meks’d get a punch in da face fer dis, dey would!

At 85 euros this is not a kit that too many would just pick up spontanesly. But, when comparing the detail on the Stompa (that left a bit to be wished for although it was state-of-the-art when it came) and still retaining good size, I don’t think its too bad after all.

Now let’s get to building and see what it feels after that!

30 responses to “Stomping from da Meks’ Shop – Gorkanaut Unboxing

  1. Everything needs a name, so here comes some suggestions:
    – Mork the Gorkanaut
    – Morkis
    – Piff the magic dragon

    • You can participate in the competition if you want. But note, that the gender of this baby is gorky, not morky. The Gods would surely smite you for such things!

  2. With great ceremony the “Name That Model” Competition is now open. If the owner (poisontail in this case) chooses a name you mentioned (and Mork and/or Gork likes it) you win The Internet! Well you get bragging rights until the next model appears anyway.

  3. Haha Morkis! I love it!
    More suggestions:
    “Find me lever” (comes from having seen the model)
    “Wompy” (what?)
    “The Hut”

  4. Some more:
    “Da little Un”
    “Da not so little Un”
    “Gork the Morkanaut”
    “Umie Basha”
    “Zug Zug”

    • I like how you’re thinking, but I don’t like the associations with the word. Maybe if I “spam” it (this model) every game for a while…

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      • Well, i don’t think orks prize originality. How many different battle cries do they have, for example? Just the Waaagh(n).

        I think their response to accusations of being boring or copying others would be just to pound the accuser into a pulp.

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