Rats on the loose – Skaven Rat Ogres Showcase

As Age of Sigmar emerges my Skaven arme gets some love directed to it as a result of the Clans Pestilens Battle Tome.

I feel like Age of Sigmar is slowly getting up to speed. The last piece of the Realmgate wars is complimented. The stories and graphics sounds so interesting that I might even pick one up. The first pile of cellulose I bought for the game was the Clans Pestilence Battletome. I wasn’t too pepped first, as it only contains the few available Clan Pestilence battlescrolls, but I was very positively surprised. Small hints are given to the time before the mortal realms, and it feels those times are soon forgotten. Old pieces of fluff are hinted at, changed a bit by time – namely my favourite piece of fluff – when the dark hooded stranger helps the men and the dwarves to finish a tower in exchange for an icon for his god. (“This is going to end well…”) But also the new fluff is new, yet still so familiar that “it’s business as usual”. A tabletop gamer’s diary has an review that is not too far from my own opinion.

Recently I ebayed up three Rat Ogors (that’s what they are nowadays, right?). Metal, of course, I am not too fond of the new old plastic ones. But these metal ones were always a bit of an inspiration in my first army book. I managed to paint them up, and decided to put them here. Now of course I find that one of them is a bit flat, and needs some more work. (Could be just the pictures though, but a revision is in order.)



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