The Angels Repentant Rides Again – Dark Angels vs. Tyranids BatRep

It was time to pull out the Dark Angels for another ride to defend against the Tyrands. For me, Deathwing had arrived to support the Ravenwing, and for the Tyranids reinforcements arrived in the form of a Mawloc…

The Dark Angels’been on an ice berg for a while, at least on the gaming table. Recently I got some Dark Vengeance termies painted up, so there was some interest to get them on the table. On the other hand, Mr. Easter had added a Mawloc, and since we played also some other gribblies, and wanted to try them out against a reasonable foe. The starting point of he game was that the game was on!

While my first approach to the Dark Angels was to do a pure Ravenwing army, I have more and more become fond of the available variation in the codex. To the core of two units of bikes, an attack bike, two landspeeders and a Ravenwing command squad I first added to my standard roster two units of drop podding tacticals. Deathwing is always added, and was at first one of my potential approaches to the Unforgiven. Now, with both a painted Chaplain and a Deathwing Squad (well two, but I’ve changed my mind on the colour scheme).

The Tyranid force consisted of a nice mixture of different units – two units of gaunts, one with a Prime, a Hive Tyrant, a Carnifex, a Tyrannofex, a Mawloc two biovores, ninja-pirate rippers, a Zoanthrope, a Venomtrope and some Gargoyles. A strong focus on monstruosity – I was intending to find out if I could control this crowd with my available guns.

Mr. Easter kindly agreed to do a Battle Mission – something I haven’t done in ages. The dice gave me a favourite – randomly valued objectives. Tyranids opted to go first.

& Tyranid deployment. Most tightly packed near Venomthrope to get a nice save.


The Dark Angels deployed – or really Ravenwing as the Deatwing and Greenwing elements were coming in as reserves.


The Harbingers of Repentance manage to seize the initiative and scout ahead. In retrospect Librarian Giles’ available psychic powers (from Interromancy) could buff the charge range of one unit – the Command Squad, and could have tried getting a first turn charge off. Would it have been worth it? Unsure. Cool? Absolutely. Educating? Yes.


↓ The Ravenwing ride up to take out the Hive Tyrant that is still groundbound. The first tactical squad strikes with a plasma/combi-plasma. Two grav guns. Two other plasma guns from bikers. Four plasma talons and a Ravenwing grenade launcher. A multi-melta. Two Heavy bolters and two sets of typhoon missile launchers and an assortment of bolters. One wound left. Hhh…


& The Tyranids move up, and take out two bikers (with plasma) and a Balck Knight.


Talking about doing cool things. Both the other Tactical Squad and the Deathwing arrive from reserve. In the Tyranid lines there’s this nice little wedge, just 12″ away from a Ravenwing Attack Squadron meaning that the Deathwing could deepstrike there withou scattering. You know all these illustrations of how Deathwing are standing amids a horde of xenos. You know the story of two heads talking. I just had to put them there. It was not the worst place, as it might pin the Tyranids down and support would be close. I just could have considered the placing more. The second drop pod (too) strikes down at an objective hopefully distracting the Tyranids a long time. Mr. Carly Flex nearby keeps that hope slim, though.


The combined firepower takes out the gargoyles and the Hive Tyrant. The Tacticals hit the gaunts alone (after some snake eyes in the wheels of some bikes). Hopefully, the Prime won’t be getting in too fast – “Fudge, there’s two pile ins per combat phase.”


The Tyranids strike back in a few moments. Deathwing take armour saves like a non-flying Flyrant in a Forest. Tacticals save like guardsmen (or maybe ‘Ardboyz). That means that there’s nothing trying to stop that carnif… *Boom goes the drop pod*

The Prime kills the Tacticals rather soon, and the bikers fail to kill his little brothers and sisters fast enough. The Mawloc falls soon after the picture below. I could blame that the bikers dropped like flies to the maggot salvoes of the Tyrannofex. The chaplain failed to do in more than a gaunt a turn.


Yeah, blame the dice for a rather close 9-7 loss for the Harbingers of Repentance. With only a drop pod and two land speeders left. It was fun again to pull out the Dark Angels, and two quite even foes facing each other. The dice were mad, and threw out some conclusion making. I would now have dropped down the other drop pod somewhere else. Perhaps even more to the flank -the corner even, where they would have been more of an distraction.


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