UFO-hedgehog First Strike: A Shaltari-UCM BatRep

I picked a fight with an UCM force this Friday, just to not lose what little grasp I had got of the rules Drop Zone Commander so far. How would this Shaltari commander do in the first real game?

When Dropzone Commander hit our perimeters and I ended up with a Shaltari starter box I decided to try to do the game without reading the rules. Soon I decided to read the rules, just because we are three peeps playing right now – another set of eyes on the rules  (can) add so much. Not too long ago I was kindergartened through my first game. Now, realizing I would soon forget all about it if I couldn’t imprint those rules thoroughly, I wanted to do another game soon, so a Skirmish between UCM and Shaltari was set up. And here comes my first attempt at a small BatRep of it. A disclaimer first, though: Not knowing the rules and the game I’ll probably BatRep it too similarily to how I do 40k/AoS/LotR/WFB, so this will be as much about figuring out how to picture the Crazy Mulder Hedgehog action in a few pictures. Bare with me, please and thank you.

This game was actually inspired by the coming new figures that Hawk Wargames are releasing slowling and haphazardly these days. Having just a starter box I think I won’t be getting too soon into the new models unless something really interesting pops out, for now my eyes are set on checking out commanders soon and adding an anti-tank warwalker something that I feel I have far too little of right now.

Finally, before going to the battle report for realz, I want to add that really I like Hawk Wargames’ Simon’s down-to-earth approach to his work and the genuinity you can see in the any videos he features in. He really seems to love his work and seems nice and humble, even though he seems to be overrun by work. It sells the game to me. Somehow the rulebook also somehow remind me of 4th edition 40k – in terms of design and feel, but also missions, level of details and so on.

The BatRep

The forces had gathered 23 locations where three (3) pieces of valueable intel had been scattered in the cityscape. (A personal note – Yay! A scenario where you don’t have to flood the table with buildings!)

The lists were simply what was in the Starter Boxes for both armies.

The UCM, picked their approach vector (deployment zone) and Shaltari conceded the first turn initiative to their human foes. First in was infantry to check out the buildings for any possible valueable assets. In all cases the Condors put a missile in buildings with Infantry or soon to be approached objectives. Shaltari Infantry followed suit.

Then, the Rapiers enter and pick find an objective on the baskeball yard. The red arrow points to the other Shaltari troops inside a building.


After the first turn this is the formations. The Shaltari Kukri are threatening the Infantry Condor, in hope to strand them early on.


↓ The Shaltari do gain the initiative and the Kukri move up, its all about the millimeters but only two of the squad can hit the Condor, the last hit the building with infantry. It goes down.


Several potential caches are dug up, but no objective is found. A Bear is handed the objective (safely out of reach) and is transporting it to safety. The UCM infantry in the lower part of the picture goes to the wall and try to shoot up the building that is occupied bu the Shaltari infantry. Two damage points from destruction the Shaltari scurry away towards the next building. A Rapier goes down.

↓ The forces are covering ground in Turn 3.  A Tomahawk goes down.


The Bear transport the objective away from the battlefield putting the score at 2-0 to the UCM.


Bottom of T4: The Shaltari side is cleared of potential objectives and the Orange infantry is on the centre line. The UCM is good on its way to clear out it’s side as well.


Bottom of T4: Another view of the battlefield. The Tomahawks are hoping to cover the objectives on the right flank, and maybe even taking down a Sabre or two.


The sabres of course find another objective, and open fire on the Tomahawks


But fail to do any damage to them, they also allocate a shot to a Haven as well and damage, but do not destroy, it.

As a side note we played the Haven wrong in this game. Although classified as a Vehicle and not a gate, and the mission rules allow Vehicles and Infantry to investigate objectives, the FAQ says that the Havens should be treated as Gates for all objective purposes. Anyroad, it didn’t find anything.


↓ The Shaltari find an objective in the central buildings, and beam up Braves, and the Haven to the Eden that can then beam, it up. This superior technology can do that, right?

Hhh… I guess I have to drive it away then… Under the Heavy fire from those Rapiers.


The infantry are taking pot shots at the objective carrier. As is the last remaining Tomahawk.


The Eden goes down. Going at an angle towards the other corner might have given the UCM LOS difficulties, but it’s easy to say now. Or maybe some way to get the objective to an Haven behind that broad building?

This is what you get from playing with Hedgehog paper airplane-UFOs that can’t transport papers, suitcases or USB sticks.


The last Tomahawk gets lucky as it fires its last shot and takes down the unit carrying the objective.


↓ The Kukris take down the Condor, already damaged from their reaction fire in a hope to drop it down on the Rapiers to reduce the fire at the key gate.


The final tally –  a loss to Shaltari at 0-2. One objective succesfully secured by the UCM, and one found, but lost by the both. At least I got more of those red cardboard squares… #notbitter #luckyhumies


Thanks for reading, and if you have any theories on how I could have used my gates better, pleasegive me a shout. There’s so much shenanigans here, that I will be stumped for a hundred more games, probably more…


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