Beastial Dominance in Ghur – Age of Sigmar Bat Rep

The winds of Ghur runs strong in this mortal realm, and the reborn herds of the legendary minotaur Steve are running amok over the realm of beasts. Desperate attempts to stop them by the Highborn Aelfs are proving fruitless, as have been any by the Chaos rivals. 

We have played a few Age of Sigmar games, most of them right after the game hit us in the summer. Especially That Tall Git has been enjoying it and has his Beastmen herds running around on the grazing fields.

My Highborn Aelfs are still shattered all over; split already in the division of the elvenkin. The bloodline of the Le’fer are presumed lost. No good defendabel position has been found. Now, one group – a fragment of a larger, or not insignificant, collection of Aelfs scouting for a potential stronghold rumoured to have been found beyond the regions aptly named Gorwoods. Only a day in on their mission they are ambushed…


↑ The Elves barely have time to set up before the beastmen are upon them.

5 Ellyrian Reavers
20 Sea guards
20 Archers
8 Silver Helms
10 Sisters of Avelorn
And a Prince on an Elven Steed

It was nice to field such a classic looking aelf army with spears, archers and knights at its core. I was a bit heavy on shooting I realized, and this is actually a list with less shooting as I originally had another unit of Sea Guards instead of the Knights. I decided to go with it as I’ve only been thoroughly overrun by the beastmen so far.


The Beastmen savages charge through the fields.

Two Bray-Shamans (one is Malagor)
3 Bullgors
20 Gors
~15 Bestigors
2 x 5 Centigors
A Ghorgon


The Beastmen (get the first turn, as the High Elves would have nothing in range after movement) quickly close the distance.


↑ The High Elves move inte a more defendable position. The Silver Helms charge the Centigors after the archers and Sisters of Avelorn dispose off Malagor.


↑ The next volley is aimed at the Centigors, who shrug off the arrows, protected by the Shamans spells of shielding.


Even after careful evaluation by the general, the Highborns have positioned themselves too close to the Beastmen lines and are soon under attack. (One tenth of an inch decides that the archers are also in the fray even though they are screened by the Reavers.)


The Sea Guard charge in and help defeat the Gors.


↑ But as soon as the Gors are about to be cut down the Bullgors charge into the fray and begin their murderous rampage. The Bestigors are slowly cutting down the Silver Helms, even under a hail of arrows. The Sisters and Archers manage to shoot down the Ghorgon.


↑ One monster is down, but as soon as the Ghorgon falls dead to the ground the Shaman brays out a foul call and a Shaggoth appears from the woods and runs int othe ruins. The Sisters quick reflexes does not help against the astonishing toughness of the monster.


↑ The aelfven line has now crumbled into nothing, and the prince charges in. The Bullgors feast on the fallen.


The last aelf warriors fall, with only the prince fighting for his life. Thunder strikes the shaggoth and its wounds seal. It rushes into the combat as well with the Bullgors.

But eventually even the hero falls.

Ugh, those beasts are fast. At some point I felt bad about bringing so much shooting, but as soon as the tide turned and the Bullgors hit home I was glad I had some at least. Note that this was actually after cheating and I mixed up two Command abilities and though that I can get rerolls to misses on all units within 6″. The truth was quite different. This was why I kept the prince back as well. But look at that insane move by the Bestigors, changing from one side to another! I have a few ideas on what I can improve, but we’ll see how that ends up.

The next Age of Sigmar game will probably feature my pestilent skaven, now with the new battle tome out. Maybe it’s good that the Highborns get a little breather. 🙂



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