The Thrush Knocks – Erebor Dwarves Showcase

A long time I’ve had a sweet spot for the Lord of the Rings Dwarves, especially after seeing Adam Trokes army in some presentation of the War of the Ring system. After getting my Rohan properly up and running – albeit not necessarily all painted yet – I felt I could move on to the Dwarf army.

The current state of Warhammer Fantasy has put the games played into a bit of turmoil. It of course is not so simple, as the dust has been stirred up by the myriad of new systems that wakes up all around, and we have been doing only two of those available. There is some Dropstuff going on, which I suppose you will see more of soon. But I think this year might see War of the Rings tried out as well. At the very least you will see more of some Erebor dwarves in a smaller scale.

I said last year would be eclectic, but I think this will be even more so.

In february a box of Grim Hammers and one of Warriors of Erebor arrived. What was first intended to be a seedling way to add a proper shieldwall, and thus some new tactical possibilities, or was it really just an excuse to paint them up, now has grewn into a vision of a full scaled Erebor army. Lord of the Rings scale, or maybe even War of the Ring… (Mr. Easter: “Fool me once – Shaltari on me. Fool me twice…”)

I hope to do it all based on the Erebor dwarf models – Grim Hammers, Warriors of Erebor and the Rangers of Erebor. Some arm swaps and small conversions, potentially adding some bits from Shadow and Flame – let’s see how it turns out.

Having seen a blue dwarf army once that was the colour they’d be. In this case I opted for working from an old pot Fenris Grey. The shields proved to be a bit difficult. Their plain but angular features limited any use of geometrical and symmetrical shapes. On the other hand they should be rustic, they are dwarves. I picked up the bird theme seen on the old dwarf banners, and the connected it to the thrush mentioned in the fluff… A good compromise with the edge highlighting to pick out the shape of the shield.

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