Star Gobbo -Tzeentch Daemons

I have again been tinkering with a Night Goblin, this time converting it into a Daemonic Herald of Tzeentch (or possibly Mork). Take a look!

It has been very interesting lately to just do some random stuff hobby wise. I am working on a Looted Wagon convoy since a year back involving plasticard. This has spilt over into a bit of a pimp my Battlewagon, which I hope to get to quite soon (if the winds permit). Making these Looted Wagons (still a WiP) I have been rummaging around in my bitz box to find some interesting stuff to personalise the vehicles with. As usual some random bitz have stuck to the undried superglue on my fingers. First came Bernie. Now out of the warp(ed bitz) came Star Gobbo.

Star Gobbos story actually began a while ago  when I decided to spice up my Orks with some Daemonologic Rites. Behind it all was Murkel, who is one of the maddest Mad Boyz this side of Gork’s left earlobe. From somewhere he summons all these star gobbos, backwards and unsettling as they are – they also steal some of the fun to be had in the frontline.

The more I paint, the more fond I get of brighter colours and unusual colour combinations. Especially since I discovered the freshness you can easily get to working on a white undercoat. Painting a horde of daemons allows for just this. Mind you: Taking the pictures below I couldn’t quite get the white balance right, but I think the colours are close to what they look like in real life.


Star Gobbo was built using the head of a Chaos Sorcerer head on a Night Goblin body, with the head removed, with Daemonette hands/arms. Everything fit like a mitten knit by your mum, so only a minute amount of greenstuff was needed. I must say I like the result.

I think this will be a Tzeentchian incursion in the long run. I have always been drawn to the eclectic madness and whimsical weirdness of the Changer of ways, moreso than of the other gods. This also seems like something Murkel might be into.

Mr. Easter and Chaos Beakie have also started their venture into Dropzone Commander. Sharing a starter box Chaos Beakie took the Scourge and Mr. Easter the UCM forces to try the game out. So I sneaked in today to take a look at what a game looks like. Chaos Beakie actually has painted up all of his starter Scourges already (next), and soon also takes on the first additions. Mr. Easter is working more slowly, mostly due to the fact that he is also making his own transfer sheets to avoid the need to paint minuscule vehicle markings. It will be interesting to see what it will look like – but for now it surely looks interesting.


I have gone through the fluff a bit (the most important part of a rulebook). The starting point feels like an usual scifi set-up, but it’s still solid stuff (Battlestar Galactica meets Starship Troopers?). I first had set my eyes on the Resistance, trying to participate in the shadows of the curtains as they started working things out, just because of their flyers. Shaltari was far from interesting, with weird shapes much like what the tough boys drew on the black board in sixth grade. After reading the fluff, and seeing the Reconquest books characters, I found the Resistance to be a bunch of Mary Sues (apart from an interesting older woman), but was irrevocably drawn to the Shaltari. The illustrations says so much – magical, terrifying, gentle and completely alien. I think I’m on my way to trying to put some paint on the Shaltari starter set.

About the game I don’t know yet. It feels like just another set of rules to try to get a good grip on, and my head is full of stuff these days. But from what I got from the game I watched it seems like a simply effective rules set. Maybe one could even learn it well enough by observing?



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