Chaos awoken – 4 vs 4 Warhammer 4ok

We decided putting up the Las Vegas Open 40k Tournament on the screen, but rather than solely watching the was some extension to the multiplayer games we did last time.

Everything has a first time, right? For us it was gathering up to watch some sports broadcasting last Friday, as we streamed the Las Vegas Open 40k tournaments first game. But that’s only a part of the story. Someone should bring the beer (Chaosbeakie), and someone should challenge the rest of the geeks (Tallguy), and then somebody’s bugging you all night (Mr. Easter #pun), and somebody’s usually late (totally not me). So instead of just watching the stream, we ended up doing some 40k games meanwhile. Well for the other guys it was the plural of “game”, for me just a singular event.

They were doing a rematch of the scenario we did last time when I got there having dodge a bullet. You know how that ends, just watching a game a moment, don’t you? So Chaosbeakie lent me some of his chaos beakies for the second game (aww), and I jumped in.

Mr. Easter had changed up his list a bit from last time, keeping the four commando ripper swarms that did 5 wounds to the Masque when I arrived, adding a Tervigon instead of the meatshields and the warriors (only to spawn a mere 4 gaunts in the first game of the evening).

Tallguy had somehow managed to fit in a squad of Rough Riders, his favourite unit but keeping the vet squads with plasma, some sentinels and a chimera.

Chaosbeakie swapped started the evening out with the first game of pure daemons – some 20 khorne dogs, some daemonettes and the Masque – but changed it up for something much more awesome. A Crimson Slaughter army with a Lord and only Possessed (9-10 maybe).

I wrapped up the units I had been looking at as fast as I could: Sorcerer (lv. 2) with familiar, two squads of Chaos Space Marines in a rhino and a helbrute with a heavy flamer.

On we went!


While summoning my Chaos Warband the other scumbags rolled for deployment zones leaving me with this dreadful lot. Up in the right hand corner in the ruins skulk the possessed. Up to the left the Tyranids spawn. To my left I have found a nice prey – a sweet, soft little band of Imperiums Finest meatbags.


Look how sweet. Unfortunately the horse meat will be fed to the astral bugs, it seems.


These pests seems to be the target of the possessed forces. If Chaos permits, they will all be skulls on the throne of Khorne when the night is over.


Daemon possessed dirt, filth of scoundrels. If they won’t die in the jaws of the tyranids, then they shall die by our chainswords.


No time is wasted. Swiftly we shall strike at those terrified weaklings. Their plasma adds a slight measure of challenge, but it only has time to glance our transport.


The underhand tactics of the beasts are disgusting. Here is the reverse headbutt (or the buttbutt) of the Tervigon hitting, meakly, att the cavalry.


The meatbags somehow manage to incapacitate one of the rhinos. Kudos to them. They still died to the bolters of the brethren and the psychic shriek of the sorcerer. The two hull points taken of the helbrute only angers him, allowing him to easily rip apart both the pathetic imperial vehicle and its cargo. To add some challenge, and honor, to the quest, Khorne decides to immobilize the second transport. Blood for the Blood God!


Chaos prevails! It seems a few of the possessed manage to survive the space vermin. So it shall be that they fall to our bolters.

At least one turn is left, I hold the Imperial objective and score linebreaker. The middle objective will decide the winner with its worth of 3 VP.


A plasma gun overheats and kills the gunman. The combined fire power takes out all but the Slaaneshi standard and the Lord.

Desperate as cornered rats they charge, killing our sorcerer.


But in return we cut down one of their number. And, a Lord has not Objective Secured.


Another interesting game. It certainly tingles my appetite to work on my Night Lords, something that the Night Lords Omnibus on my nightstand does not help with at all.

Would the Rough Riders have changed the game had they charged into my troops rather than going after the Tyranids? Maybe for my part at least. But now I also had very short way to charge across as the guardsmen wanted to get into short range with their plasma. Anyhow, this is another perspective on small scale multiplayer Warhammer 40k games, and a footnote to the previous posts discussion on how ad hoc alliances changes the games.

Thanks for reading!



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