Midwinter Boardgaming around the Christmas tree

With Mμ back from the Highlands for some basking in the winter darkness (until christmas about as warm as on Midsummer) it was again, finally  time for some proper boardgame action. As you might have read in the previous post board games was what our New Year’s Eve celebrations was all about. But what I had been truly longing for in terms of boardgames was not Arkham Horror, but some Mice and Mystics action.
With the kettle on, the lussekatter baked, and Temla and Chaos Beakie, also known as the Shroomprofet of Gork (or possibly Mork), booked and set up and we were ready to go. We had previously learned of Vanestra’s plans and were moving to counter her forces, so the plot had really got going – and still we have almost half of the scenarios left.

DSC_0271 DSC_0272

I actually had come around to finally put some paint on our favourite characters Maginos, Tilda, Nez and Lily to make sure that everything would go according to plan (because freshly painted minis always do what they are supposed too). Luckily I also painted up a few of the villains – the roaches and the spider so things got balanced out. In the end we actually succeeded with the scenario (although we got some awkward surges at typically awkward times). I also ended up with the Accurate Bow for Lily, helping out with her abilities.

I had hoped to be able to showcase the painted miniatures here, but good luck getting good pictures with so few hours of light.

The plan I had deviced and kept to myself involved us getting another session of mously sorcery going for us as Mμ was able to stay a bit longer than it originally seemed, but after the brief flop in Arkham on New Year’s we were hungering to score some more time as Lovecraftian investigators.


The Snowman enters an Other World


This time we were facing Tsathoggua, which actually gave us a chance to win even if we were to fail to stop the awakening.


Mμ successfully evokes the protection of the Snowman and acquires all the necessary ingredients to permanently close a portal.


The Yuletide was certainly gay and merry this year, and an exellent start for the new hobby year!


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