Have you met… Tigea? – Necromunda Escher Ganger Showcase

After finally finding my Dark Heresy RPG character model, a Necromunda Escher ganger, I thought I’d show her to you and tell you about how our work for the Inquisition is going.


(by alberti.deviantart.com)

A few years ago, five maybe, we began our work as acolytes for the Holy Inquisiton. We were a psyker, a tech-priest, a guardsman, an assassin and an arbitrator if I remember correctly. Who of these original members of the crew are still alive I don’t know, quite frankly, as the missions we are set to investigate are on the deadlier side of grimdark.

Somehow I have forgotten so many of our adventures, possibly as they get mixed up with all the Rogue Trader RPG missions, but I usually recall them when the others describe them. I remember the first mission, where we were sent to investigate some oddities in the Hives of Scintilla – a test you might call it, to see if we really are up for the job. We were, as it was only a rogue psyker, and we swiftly disposed of him. And we really proved out skills then, running around like headless chickens and preferring “Plan B” before anything else. Plan B involves a combat shotgun, a grenade launcher and/or (at more later point) a boltgun. I remember being met by dogs, slightly scary ones, and running away/fainting/vomiting in terror.

Quite early on we were to investigate oddities a bit further away, Malfi it might have been. This was the first time we met the terrible alien race we later learned was called Slaught. At this point we again ran around like headless chickens, and then ran away/fainted/vomited in terror befor sending in our guardsmen with a suicide belt. It is unsure if all those bombs actually killed the xenos. But we burned down the house and survived to fight another day.


(by pugoffka-sama.deviantart.com)

The assassin was captured, tortured and lobotomized, and subsequently killed. He was replaced by a cleric who fell investigating the Haarlock Legacy, blade in hand serving the Emperor at least. The second guardsman was at this point possessed by an evil spirit, taking a nibble off what of his sanity was left. He now obsessively eats  flowers.

Our Tech-Priest, Thiopia, is a strange case that actually enjoys losing limbs (and his grenade launcher). One of the true survivors of the original crew.


Tigea Mallia, our arbitrator, is also one of the true survivors being of the original crew. That would be “me” when it comes to sitting around a table frantically making up bad one liners to fit the situation and praying to avoid the mutant snake eyes.


Avoid the mutant snake eyes!

Her favourite is her combat shotgun, getting closer and closer to real Vox Legi Pattern combat shotgun used by the Adeptus Arbites. Preferraby loaded with Inferno shells, combining the raw power of the hand of the law with the purifying power of flame.

Involved in infolding the events in the Vaults of Luggnum, she is also comfortable standing behind her riot shield with a shock maul. Indeed, her shocking appearances often helps the group capture suspects from whom suitable pieces of evidence can be extracted. Unfortunately, she could use some personality training, with a bit too stern and rough approach for many to handle. But, the Emperor gives the tools one needs.  Surely, she is his law embodied.

Miniature players as we all in the group are we of course don’t shy any opportunity we get to put minis on the table. For me this Escher ganger illustrates quite well the character of Tigea, even though she walks around non-stop in her Arbitrator Carapace.

The painting job is also a bit underwhelming, a few years old as it is. But after searching through all my mini boxes multiple times I rejoice in finding her exactly where she was supposed to be in the first place. Is this a sign that I have too many minis? Nah…


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