Mole-ested – Malifaux Moleman Showcase

Soon after I finished my second Waldgeist for my Marcus crew I found myself having ordered a set of Molemen. At the moment I was lacking in real scheme runners, and thought the Molemen would help with that with their movement schenanigans and resilience. Going through the Rulebook and Crossroads I was a bit thorn on which of the available ones I should try – it sure didn’t help that Marcus is so spoiled for choice.

There’s Raptors (that’s still lacking models), Guild Hounds, Canine Remains (that’s a bit too rotten for my tastes), Sylarids and Molemen. After shaking the hat I drew the Molemen partly due to their low cost but also for their Marcus-centred fluff. These are the crippled and weak miners of the Miners’ and Steamfitters Union that are allowed a second chance as Marcus’ guinea pigs. After a nice time in the lab they can serve the Arcanists for a nice remuneration to their families.
I must admit, I wasn’t too fond of the minis to begin with, but having let the fluff sink in a bit I am really starting to dig these fellas.
DSC_0293 DSC_0294 DSC_0295 DSC_0296

The first one I decided to paint in skin colour, thinking he/she would have retained the complexion from his/her human form. Again, I am not too satisfied with the skin. The new recipe is still sought for, but I think I am getting closer to something…


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