Tree-iumph! – (A Celebratory) Malifaux Waldgeist Showcase

Welcome siblings of geekery to my 100th blog post! After a short celebration I will continue to the actual topic of the day, showcasing my second Waldgeist for my Marcus crew for Malifaux. I must say it’s been quite a road to get to triple digits, with lots of ups and downs – and to actually having achieved 100 posts seems quite unbelievable. I would even go and call it an achievement!


Celebrations aside – let’s get to the point!

I promised a while ago already that I’d show my next waldgeist. (I painted the first one in March.) This might actually be the model of the Waldgeists I like the most, but he ended up being second. I really like the cartoony feel of these guys, and the boon of having a tough model that can block line of sight by planting some trees is just awesome. Unfortunately we are still a bit short on points for adding masters to our crew, so they (well the first time) have been only a few times on the table.

But this might change as we have another buddy joining in on Malifaux. Also, our FLGS seems to have gone regular with the Malifaux. So, after a few more games under my belt I might give it a look!

DSC_0290 DSC_0291 DSC_0292

It’s still really fun to paint up the Malifaux crew one by one really taking time. This geist had been painted for quite a while, but waited for the right moment to get some tuft on the base… Don’t panic!


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