Have you met Bernie? – Ministorum Priest Conversion

There’s a number of different ways to hobby up your Warhammer 40k. Here’s how I converted a Ministorum Priest for my Sisters of Battle. 

Yesterday I was working on my second Looted Leman Russ for my Orks and dived into my bitz box for some awesome bitz to add to the chassis. Rummaging around looking for the grot gunner to put onto the turret under the round canopy – it’s super easy to fit onto the Leman Russ turret. I could not find the body of the grot gunner unfortunately, but I did find Bernie.

At some point I bought a bunch of Night Gobbos to use as the slaves I had captured from the Murky Gobbo Boss’ hordes, you might have seen him lurking around here as “Chaos Beakie”. Eventually all of these did not end up as slaves, and I found a gobbo with a kroot rifle chilling out beside a elven horse with a cold one head, and a cold one with rat ogre limbs and ratty head. Having seen (?multiple?) someone(s) mutilate the said miniature with rather awesome outcomes (ironsleet.com?) I took up my hobby drill and ran it into the face of the screaming gobbo while laughing so horrendously that some of my plants withered and died, and the water in my toilet went stale. From a black orcs banner I cut off a skalle to serve as the head of this ancient servant of the Emperor, enchanted by both faith and machine. The arms of a chimera driver was suitable replacement for those lost in battle. An ancient chainblade was his Eviscerator.


As I had got up the speed, there was no turning back. The brush was soon wetted and bore paint on the mini freshly built and based…

DSC_0291 DSC_0293 DSC_0294

Bernie, actually Bernaldus the Grim, is an very old man who’s been preaching the words of the Emperor on the front lines for many long decades since his youth – some even say it has been a full century. His body has grown old and his bones have shrunk from the impressive form they ones was; many, if not most, limbs have been exchanged in gratitude as they have been destroyed.

Only in death does duty end.

“But faith is eternal”, Bernie adds, with a grimly smiling countenance on his fleshless skull.


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