Vespertilion – Night Lords Sorcerer WiP

After sharing a second Dark Vengeance set with the Goblin King, aka Chaos Beakie, I been sitting on a bunch of chosen, a chaos lord and a helbrute. Seriously, how can you just sit around with those miniatures? I could, but after a year it was unbearable.

We have come for you!

Now I’ve based the chosen on 32 mm bases, half painted a helbrute in Night Lords colours (which eventually led me to the next) fully painted the Chosen leader as a Sorcerer. He’s blind, has an eye on his forhead and on his chest, and holds a staff – don’t blame me. As for names, I have an idea… if I ever get to painting the Lord he’ll be called Kamazotz Kiropte. Then I’ll also reveal the idea, if that did not give help you Sherlocks…

Why Night Lords? Well they look awesome, have fancy duds and like raptors (I like raptors too). And of course, they are utterly insane.

Enough said, here’s the Sorcerer – Vespertilion.

20151014_091729 20151014_091759 20151014_091836

I’m not sold on the shoulder pad with the creature sticking it’s head out – this is about the only place on this miniature where the simple cut leaves some detail. I think I might need to get back to it…


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