What’s on the painting table? Saint Celestine WiP




After a bit of a break from the blog last month I’ll try to get the ball rolling again. This time it’s just a small WiP update of what is going on in my painting area. To get things reliable done I need to be rather able to commit regularly time to a painting project. A small disturbance and I’m better off picking up another project for the time being. Now, after finishing a spontaneous Night Lords Sorcerer – the Chosen Champion from Dark Vengeance I ended up beginning work on Saint Celestine.

This is really an beautiful model. I have been waiting to paint her for years and years, but somehow the Sisters of Battle eluded me. Now as they have a foothold I got the chance and didn’t dear to risk the mini going OOP. So far the base colour of the armour and the face is finished. I went for heavy make up which suits the baroque style of the armour. For the skin, I went more natural than porcelain, however, which ends up being rather 80s. Well, that’s where Warhammer 40k comes from…

ps. If you have any tips for colour recipes for different skin tones, please comment (link if you want) below. I had the old GW line figured out, but I can’t get the new ones working for me. Could be Vallejo as well!



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