Orks vs. Astra Militarum BatRep – Ded ‘Ard

After a month (!)of silence caused by intensive warp travel, I have, finally, something to share. This time it is a Battle Report of Waaagh! ‘Urghnould clashing with a Vostroyan defensive force.

We set the game size at 1500 points. Knowing my opponent was the Tall Guy, so I could expect something chill I decided to finally pull out something new and weird – the weirdboyz. Now, to make even more new and even more weird they would be going for Daemonology! That is – two Mad boyz have joined the horde and were summoning warpboyz! I had not tried neither Deamonology (at all) or the Weirdboyz in the new codex, so it was a bit of a leap.

My full, double cad list was:

Weirdboy, level 2
Weirdboy, level 2
10 Grots with a Runtherder
10 Grotz with a Runtherder

Warlord ‘Urghnould (Megaboss, with da Lucky Stikk
A Painboy, w/ a grot orderly

16 ‘Ardboyz with a Powerklaw Nob
in a Battlewagon with a Ram

11 Boyz with a Big Choppa nob
in a trukk with a ram

12 Boyz with a Big Choppa nob
in a trukk with a ram

A Burnabommer, and
A Blitzabommer

as well as
2 Looted Wagons
8 Lootas
3 Lobbas, with extra crew and ammo runtz

(A part from the Weirdboyz new for me this edition was actually also the fliers, and the Looted Wagons – What have I been doing?!)

I was up against
A HQ command in a Chimera
Footslogger Galore with
A veteran squad with plasma
Another Blob
A specialist squad in a valkyrie
Another not in a valkyrie
A mortar team
A heavy bolter team
3 lascannon sentinels
2 Vengeance Weapon Batteries (Gatling/Battle cannon)

A tough nut for orks is always high armour. Even AV12 is getting difficult without a great deal of rokkits. I can take them out in close combat (at least AV lower than 14). The question is will I get there?

The board was set up as follows (you can see the 5 objective markers):

DSC_0259 DSC_0260

And we deployed… Night fighting is on. Behind the ruin is the command chimera. My Lootas are in the left most ruin, gunning for the command squad with both orbital bombardment, commands and reserve delays. But the Guardsmen will go first.


An boy they do. They pop the Looted Wagon to the left, shake the pink one, kill off a few lootas and pop a trukk, killing most of the boyz and sending them fleeing. Yikes. The Vostroyans have kicked in a new gear it seems and are no longer the easy prey they might have been.


The lucky stick does not help me, as despite a ram reroll the battlewagon is immobilized in the crater. That’s not good with a boss that’s slow and purposeful. In the magic phase I try to soak up some shots from the Gatling Vengeance Battery, but the summoned horrors scatter onto the hill which we consider causing a mishap. A Herald of Nurgle, however appears ready to summon his friends. This does not look too good..


Soon we get in some fliers. The Valkyrie drops off the specialist squad, that scatter dangerously towards the herald, but rather end up straight on top of the objective. (“The orders were clear, sir!”) The herald then dies. Some grot reinforcments arrive and run up towards the objectives (or is it minefields). The footsloggers slog on. But the barrage of bomms from the burna bommer takes a heavy toll. The Lobbas in turn eliminate a junior command squad.DSC_0264

The Valkyrie goes into hoover mode and is ready to vacuum the bitz of da boyz. Lucky for the orks it is still positioned so that ‘Urghnould takes all the hits and promptly tanks twentysomething wounds with the help of the lucky stick. Luckily so, cos the right flank is growing thin between all the incoming fire.


‘Urghnould sees the danger in this and sends off the boyz to take care of the right flank, while he takes care of the left. A Waaagh! later sees one Vengeance battery torn to pieces by an angry orkstruosity with a soft point for one-liners. The nob of the ‘ard boyz takes a few structure points off the other. The grotz get to the objective, while the Lootas are finally off the board having taken only one hull point off the chimera before falling back with the loot they could get off their fallen comrades.  The Herald of Nurgle tries to reappear at the cost of the last drop of sanity of the last weirdboy.


The last turns saw the oomph of the Guard slowly fade, as did the oomph of the Orks. I have never before seen an orbital bombardment hit where it was aimed (my Ravenwing strongly dislikes this due to who can declare jinks). But this time it hit straight onto the grot squad holding an objective. Not a single survivor – hilarious.

The command chimera made a move for an objective as the ‘ard boyz soon tore down the last battery and the surrounding units. The Valkyrie stayed in hover mode trying to hold the middle objective. Another epic moment occured when the last survivor of one of the trukk squads – a nob on a single wound took a swing at it Flatting Out towards the objective and Immobilized it. He soon tore it to pieces all by himself. The ork flyers took off a wound and a hull point here and there, nothing spectacular. But ‘Urghnould really did annihiliate all of the left flank by himself.

At the time, it seemed rather clear that the Orks had won the game. They certainly did kill most of the guardsmen with only the command squad left, or the remnants thereof. But looking at it now, with kill points for three of my heavies and first blood the guards weren’t far off. If the orks managed to kill the Warlord, they won. I have a slight feeling they did, but that’s a minor detail.


So did I learn? That Daemonology is random. It will be fun occasionally, but I’m not sure how often. (The ork codex is so full with fun anyways, it’s always a competition.) And Squigditch a boss with the Lucky Stikk is ded ‘ard! I can honestly say it was ‘Urghnould that carried the game home this time. Had I had anything else I could not have recovered from that awful start I think. But that’s how ‘Urghnould should be. 🙂


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