Pride and Prejudice in the Age of Sigmar

After being quite sceptical of the new Age of Sigmar rules for a month and a half I soon found myself having scheduled another game night. This time we went for a multiplayer game as High Elves, Beastmen and Chaos were pitted against each other. Here’s short battle reports of the two games we got in.

We simply used the current rules, but added another player turn. The initiative order was rolled for each turn, and all players would fight in each fighty phase. The objective was… ehrm… to spill blood? (We really wanted to just keep using the new rules, and see how far we would get.)

In the first game or forces looked like this, chosen to be ~1000 points with the SDK system:

DSC_0239Beastmen had
-a Beastlord
-a Bray Shaman
-13 Bestigors
-20 Gors
-2 x 5 Centigors
-3 Minotaurs


The Chaos force comprised of
-The Masque
-A Tzeentch Sorcerer
-7 Warhounds
-6 Fiends of Slaanesh
-5 Putrid Blight Kings


The Highborn Aelfven force was:
-15 Phoenix Guards
-5 Sisters of Avelorn
-5 Ellyrion Reavers
-5 Ellyrion Reavers
-12 Archers

After little to no debate, and unnecessary dice rolling, the Tall Guy was assigned the duty to plan our deployment zones. The result was:


And soon we were deployed…


The high elves moved up. The elves moved up, and the Reavers peppered the lamb loin of a Beast Lord, causing a wound of damage and severely aggrevating the herd. (Gosh those Reavers are fast.)


Chaos moved up a bit, sending off the fiends and the Blight Kings towards the beastmen.


The Beastmen moved up hard to destroy those string loving gnomes, taking cover against the wall…

DSC_0248And promptly charging over.


An intense melee formed in the elven deployment zone, with most of the Beastmen army taking on most of the Aelfs. Soon the trolls come and help out, while the Blight kings and the Fiends close in.

DSC_0250The battle goes on until only a handful of minis are left.

DSC_0251The Beastmen pinned down the Aelfen line with a full assault with all but the Minos who were cut down by the fiends. Chaos joined soon in, and the game turned into a series of combat phases. The Aelfs learned not to shoot at the Beastlord. (And that Phoenix guard is a crazy tar pit!)

But we couldn’t do with just a single game, could we?

The only monster we had faced was the not-too-random Minotaur monster that the bray shaman had summoned. Logically, as we already had thrown all the bomb squigs into the fighting pit, we decided to go for some monster mashing. Everybody added a monster to their lists (and something else if needed to get to get some equalizing points). I pulled out my Dragonlord from my pants, the Shoggoth was now on the roof and a chaos giant was in the refridgerator.

(I also swapped my Sisters for some Shadow Warriors, and added Teclis instead of Caradryan, just to gather more data.)
After jumbling the scenery a bit, we went off. Rolling off again to choose deployment zones, we still were cozy enough to pick the same deployment zones.

DSC_0252The Chaos warband deployed in an avant garde formation with the giant right in the middle.

DSC_0253The elves were ready to lash out in all directions, supported by the gargantuan.

DSC_0254The Beastmen, in turn, deployed to utilize their great mobility.

DSC_0257Their blocks aim hard for the chaos force, while the fast movers, and the minos are ready to mince some Aelf.

DSC_0258The Phoenix Guards hit the dragon flamed minotaurs hard; the rest of the Aelf force annihilate the vanguarding Centigors. The Chaos force simply redeploy.

DSC_0260Soon they do a massive flanking maneuvre, with the trolls killing off the bestigors. The gors desperately lash at the Phoenix Guards to avoid being caught between two assaulting forces.

DSC_0261 The dragon is soon up for some real work, as the Aelfs hit the gor unit, while the Shaggoth is lumbering toward the melee. It, however, botches as thoroughly as one can botch. Two turns. The Shoggoth hits home, and shows how real monsters fight, leaving the dragon at only two wounds. The Mask Masque and the Phoenix Guard wears it out slowly.

Meanwhile the Lothern Sea Guard and the Reavers take on the rest of the Chaos forces leaving few models on the table…

DSC_0262Now we were done. Finito.

Again it was interesting to see how the basic game works, now by adding another player. The simple rules really gives themselves well for this kind of tweaking. It is actually only a benefit that the rules are so loose, as I have never played a big or multiplayer game where tactics actually would have played a significant role. These games are usually only the result of utter randomness, butterfly effects and grudges or vendettas between players (read: fun).

I now got a feeling the real depth to the Age of Sigmar rules will come from the set up. Will you choose purposedly differently strength forces, or do you have objectives. The hard time limits seen in some of the released games also might have a good impact on the game, while taking focus off from army choice.

For us the Age of Sigmar future will be about adding a narrative depth by anchoring our forces to the different realms. Chaos Beakie has a grand plan, that I’ll be looking forward to spying on from the shadows. For me, next up is my Skaven who I finally am getting a bit more grip on. (At first I had no clue what to do with them, or how to approach them.)

So, onward then! Given time I think something nice will grow out from this seed too!


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