Deff Rippah! Looted Wagon Showcase

Here’s my taken on an Ork Looted Leman Russ. I originally wanted a to do a more elaborate conversion, but after building the model I actually wanted to keep it quite vanilla, just because its a real tanky model in itself. It’s one of three Russes from the Old Big Tank box I shared with the Tall Guy – the two last, and a hellhound I don’t know what I’ll do with yet – Guardsmen, as in Catachan, Tallarn or even Chaos, or more Orky goodness. We’ll see. 🙂

Without any more time wasting words, here comes da Deff Rippah!

DSC_0233 DSC_0234 DSC_0235 DSC_0236

I’ve simply added some glyph plates from the different kits, expanded on the extra gunz with a rokkit and some supa shootas, added extra pipes from the dakkajet on the turret and voilá (said wif an Orky voice).

If I go the Orky route on the last Russes I’ll add some plasticard plates on the sides, some steel bars and of course other pointy steel bits. One could also get a Firefly-reapery treatment with bloody corpses hanged all over. (I’ve been wanting to do that a loong time…)

Hope you like it!


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